Easily embed your YouTube and Vimeo videos on your RealBird property website

You can now easily embed your YouTube and Vimeo property videos on your RealBird property websites by simple adding the video Url in the editor, under the Media section. 

RealBird then automatically creates the embed code for both your mobile and desktop single property websites. You can of course create a separate Video page just like before, but this new feature will place your primary property video at a prominent place  as well, above the listing photos on the main page.

Below are two examples. One using a YouTube video, the other a video hosted on Vimeo.

Lakewood, CO house listed by David Dlugasch and promoted by Jim Smith of Golden Real Estate

Irvine, CA rental listing by Robin and Eric Fenchel, Century 21 Award



Customizing the contact information area of the RealBird single property websites

The following customization was originally conceived by Larry Brzostek and it is now fully supported by the new, wider layout of the RealBird property website platform.

Instead of the live chat widget, one can add a personal video intro to the property websites in the contact information section. This is an area below the fold, under the property information section, next to your photo and contact information and social media links. You can click through the image below for a live example of the property at 4111 Green Tree Ave, Sarasota. Make sure you scroll down to the contact information area.

Personal video intro Larry

You can see another example by Katerina Gasset on the listing website of 826 Shore Dr, Boynton Beach, FL

Personal video intro Katerina

There are two ways to achieve this for your own RealBird listings:

Add a video to all of your listing with the global settings tool

  1. Log in at RealBird
  2. From the Dashboard or the Listing Management Page, click "Settings"
  3. Switch to the "Live Chat/Video intro" tab
  4. Paste the embed code from YouTube or other hosted video services
  5. Save settings

Add a video to a specific property

  1. Log in at RealBird
  2. Click "Edit" for the particular listing's record
  3. Scroll down to the "Live Chat/Video intro" section
  4. Paste the embed code from YouTube or other hosted video services
  5. Save changes

Suggested width and height for the embed code:

The examples above use 350px for width and 223px for height This is the suggested video size. 

You can use embeddable widgets from any other 3rd party providers. If you use YouTube, make sure you generate an embed code which disables the related video previews at the end of your video as it may show your competitions video otherwise. 

There are many great uses for this section of your RealBird single property website. With this larger layout design, you can actually utilize that additional space of the contact information section to deliver more information. I suggest to use it for generic information about your business and services vs. listing specific video as for those, there are now 6 customizable pages that can be added (more about this in our next post)

If you have a custom and unique RealBird implementation, we would love to hear about it. Please share it as a comment below and feel free to link to your property website below.

-- The RealBird Team


ScanMyBack.com - Custom apparel with your own QR code

Based on the good reception of the RealBird QR features, we launched a new website over the weekend at ScanMyBack.com for creating, sharing and buying custom apparels showing your own messages encoded as QR codes. 

This is RealBird pet project and the application is not real estate specific. Any messages, websites and even links to YouTube videos can be turned into a QR code and printed on t-shirts and other apparel.

Screen shot 2010-11-08 at 11.20.47 AM

How to use the site:

  • Visit ScanMyBack.com
  • Enter whatever message your heart desires to share: a poem, a link to your website, a YouTube link, anything. 
  • Click the "Create Your QR apparel" button
  • The page will reload, the QR code is generated and a preview is shown. You can now click the "Select Apparel Type" button that will lead you to Zazzle.com with the pre-configured shopping cart. Your ScanMyBack.com QR code is automatically added to the design. 
  • You can select among 60 different types of apparels: gents, ladies, kids and different styles, sizes and colors. All of them will retain the ScanMyBack.com generated QR code that holds your "secret" message.
  • If you are not ready to purchase or you are just playing with the service, you can still share your creations with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers. Below is a screenshot with an arrow showing the built in sharing tools for your creations.


Enjoy. And of course, if you like the service, please share it with your friends with the Facebook and Twitter button on the homepage.

Thanks !

Disclaimer: We are a reseller affiliate of Zazzle.com and upon your purchase of the QR apparels, we are paid an affiliate fee. Fulfillment, billing and returns are processed by Zazzle.com according to their own terms listed on their website.

-- Zoltan 



RealBird, Animoto API and YouTube distribution

We integrated the newly released Animoto API during the weekend and it provides now a solution for a long due request. You can now create amazing video presentations with a few clicks using your listing photos on RealBird via Animoto and publish it to YouTube for wide-spread distribution.

 The following post is reblogged from our ActiveRain post

Animoto - The End of Slideshows

Ever since Animoto was launched, we have been waiting for a way to integrate their amazing service with RealBird. With their recent release of the Animoto API, we are glad to let you know that RealBird is now integrated with Animoto for easy, high-impact video creation that can be shared on websites, blogs, social networks and even on YouTube for maximum exposure.

What is Animoto ?

Animoto has a technology that takes your photos, music and other, optional media content such as texts and existing videos and mixes them together into a very attractive and highly unique video presentation. Transition effects are based on your photos and the style and tempo of the selected music and the end product is an amazingly eye-catching presentation. Once a video is created, it can be shared on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, it can be embedded in any website and blog, uploaded to YouTube for wide-spred distribution and with the Animoto Pro subscription, it can be burned to DVDs for offline presentation as well.

How does it work with RealBird?

The RealBird Listing Publisher's goal is to act as your central repository for your online listing marketing efforts. You can create single property websites for your listings with unlimited large photos and 1) automatically syndicate them to major 3rd party portals like Trulia, Zillow, Google Base and many others; 2) share them on your website, blogs and social media with the RealBird listing widgets with very little effort and now with the Animoto integration 3) turn them into a video presentations and share them on YouTube among many other platforms.

It only takes a few click and a few minutes to turn your RealBird single property websites into an Animoto movies. Both the "Listing management" page and the "Quick Share" page on RealBird now shows a large, yellow button: "Create Video". Following that link, the system redirects you to Animoto and will pass over the first 30 photos of your RealBird listings automatically. From there on, Animoto takes over. Select the type of video presentation you want to create, select the music from their vast library of available soundtracks and optionally add labels, text etc. Once submitted, Animoto will create the video movie in a few minutes (time it takes depends on the length) and will notify you once the video is ready. 

How much does it cost?

In order to use Animoto for your real estate listings, you have to be an Animoto PRO subscriber, which is $249/year at the time of the writing of this post. The Animoto PRO service provides you with unlimited, full-length, commercially licensed DVD quality video, with no Animoto branding on it, with 500+ commercially licensed songs to choose from, ability to create DVDs from your video presentation and of course share it on YouTube and social media. (See our disclaimer below)

Combine it with the RealBird Pro service ($99/year) and you have an extremely powerful listing marketing toolset. Just make sure that your prospective sellers know what you can do for them.


We announced the Animoto API integration on our Facebook Page during the weekend. Within hours both Janie Coffey and Eric Slifkin sent us some examples on how they use RealBird with Animoto. Below are these examples:

Janie created an Animoto short from one of her listings on RealBird and embedded it into her Posterous blog:


Eric created an Animoto video from one of his listings on RealBird and uploaded it to YouTube, within minutes his YouTube video was already indexed by Google !

Both of these examples are short, 30-sec teasers. With the Animoto Pro subscription, you will be able to create full-length, DVD quality listings.

To get started:

  1. Log into RealBird (or follow this link to Animoto and sign up with them - upgrade to PRO if you plan to use their service commercially )
  2. Go the RealBird listing management page (or add a new listing with photos)
  3. Make sure you have enough, good quality photos uploaded to RealBird and then click the "Create Video" button
  4. Select your video length on Animoto and wait until your images are loaded from RealBird, then select the music, add title and description and submit it. Your video will be created in a few minutes.

Disclaimer: We have an affiliate agreement with Animoto, so if you upgrade to their PRO service via our integration points or via the links in this post, we will make money. In no way does this make us bias toward their service, we do believe that their service is outstanding and a high-value for real estate professionals, but as a full disclosure, we thought that you may want to know...


-- Zoltan 



Viddler videos supported by Publisher

Viddler logo
As we wrote about it before, one of the main design concept behind the RealBird Publisher single property website listing marketing tool is to give you the freedom to choose your own 3rd party tools for enhanced listing presentation. Whether it's PhotoBucket, PictureTrail or Slide.com for photo slide-show or YouTube, Google Video, Veoh for real estate videos, we created a system which let you use any type of media which support embedding into websites and blogs.

One of the best real estate video sharing tools is Viddler

Here is a quick breakdown of features which shows why Viddler is better than YouTube in terms of full featured video presentation for real estate:

  • Viddler enables you to annotate your video. You can tag and bookmark frames or segments
  • You can embed multiple segments of the same video into your Publisher listings
    You can split up your video into several segments such as Living Room, Kitchen, The Pool, The Neighborhood etc.
  • Your visitors and the general public can tag and share your video or part of it, using comments, tagging and emailing features
  • Video tags are searchable on Viddler, providing additional discovery options for consumers

If you already using Viddler for your real estate videos, add it to the comments below or email us and we will feature your property on this blog.

-- Zoltan Szendro