RealKi has a new name: InmanWiki

We are pleased to let you know that has been acquired by Inman News, the leading real estate media company.  Inman will launch and operate this encyclopedia under the name of InmanWiki

With Inman News behind the wheels, we strongly believe that this site will become the most comprehensive real estate wiki on the web and the ultimate destination for people searching for  and sharing real estate information. Thousands of articles are already available and consumer traffic is steadily growing.

We recommend that you contribute articles to this InmanWiki as it could help you gain exposure and credibility, and it is free.

Please visit  to learn more.

-- the RealBird Team

Recent Articles and Serch Terms feed on RealKi

Search terms feed

We have extended the RealKi questions feed so that consumer search terms are now also syndicated. Real estate professionals can get notified on new consumer search terms and build the content by following the trail of actual inquiries. This is similar to Yahoo's and Google's top keywords list but RealKi's feed provides insight to home buyers' and sellers' area of interest. This is business intelligence for real estate.

Subscribe to the feed of search terms at
or visit RealKi to see the recent inquiries

From the real estate professionals point of view, this solves an important problem. The RealKi system supposed to deliver a healthy balance between neutral, credible, non-biased content and exposure to the real estate professionals who contribute the content. The problem up till now was, that experts could not tell whether their article will be searched for at all. They may spend time on building the content database without consumers searching for that content at all. Now the direction of information flow is changed. You can  contribute content to RealKi upon receiving notification on what home buyers and sellers are searching for.

To get the maximum exposure for your contribution make sure,  that you create your RealKi profile. Every article you edit has your signature link at  the bottom.  Visitors can review your contact info and business profile  by clicking on  your profile link at the Authors section. To edit your profile, log in to RealKi and use the first link on the top left under the Personal Tools section.

Recent articles feed

This is mostly for consumers but applicable to real estate experts too. Home buyers and sellers can subscribe to the "Recent Articles" feed and receive notification on new articles posted by experts.  As opposed to the already available change tracking RSS, this feed syndicates only new articles, hence providing an easy notification platform to track content as they become available. For example: a home buyer searches for some term, experts recieve notification via the "Recent search terms" feed, experts contribute to the content. If a homebuyer is registered to the "Recent Articles" feed, he or she gets notification on new articles submitted on his or her inquiry. This closes the circle of interaction via an easy to use RSS based notification platform

Click here to subscribe to the "Recently created articles" feed

or  visit RealKi to see the recently created articles 

Consumer Questions Feed, Social Bookmarking, RSS Feed Support

We added a couple of cool features to RealKi during this weekend:

Questions feed

If there are no matching articles for a search term, consumers can request it by filling out a "Question" form for the topic. The question feed is then syndicated via RSS. Real estate experts who are subscribed to this feed can create an encyclopedia article by following the link in the feed.

Check out for more info and latest consumer requests.

Or subscribe to the RealKi Question Feed directly and get notified on new article requests.

Social Bookmarking

Readers can bookmark and share articles via online bookmarking services. A bookmark bar is now available at the bottom of every page on RealKi. Bookmark the RealKi main page e.g  at

Scroll down to the bottom and click on the icon of your preferred bookmarking service.

RSS feed extension

We have installed a wiki extension to support RSS feed inclusion into any page. This makes the most sense on personal and business profiles and neighborhood pages. Having feeds streamed into wiki pages makes a lot of sense in our opinion as it can extend the facility of static profile pages with dynamic information and cross-site posting. For example: Check out our corporate profile at

Syntax help on how to embed your feed into an article can be found here

One more thing: if you are a Real Estate Professional registered with RealKi, make sure, that you fill in your profile with contact information, bio and so on. Now every article you create or modify has a link back to your RealKi profile. Get the exposure you deserve for your contribution efforts. To update your profile, login to RealKi and click the first link on the left sidebar under the "Personal Tools" section. You can edit your profile page the same way as you do with any other pages on RealKi

As always, keep sending us your feedback and opinion.

RealKi feature update

We received many good comments  from real estate agents on how to improve the current feature set to better achieve our overall goal: creating a non-biased, balanced knowledge-base for real estate buyers and sellers while at the same time rewarding contributing  real estate professionals with the business exposure they deserve.

Kevin Boer, a Palo Alto, CA real estate agent had a great suggestion. The problem with the current wiki architecture is that visitors do not directly see the authors of the articles, unless they check out the history page of the post. In response to this request, we released today a small, but important update: every article now shows at the bottom the list of users who contributed to the content of the article.

Visit to see it in action.