Customizing the contact information area of the RealBird single property websites

The following customization was originally conceived by Larry Brzostek and it is now fully supported by the new, wider layout of the RealBird property website platform.

Instead of the live chat widget, one can add a personal video intro to the property websites in the contact information section. This is an area below the fold, under the property information section, next to your photo and contact information and social media links. You can click through the image below for a live example of the property at 4111 Green Tree Ave, Sarasota. Make sure you scroll down to the contact information area.

Personal video intro Larry

You can see another example by Katerina Gasset on the listing website of 826 Shore Dr, Boynton Beach, FL

Personal video intro Katerina

There are two ways to achieve this for your own RealBird listings:

Add a video to all of your listing with the global settings tool

  1. Log in at RealBird
  2. From the Dashboard or the Listing Management Page, click "Settings"
  3. Switch to the "Live Chat/Video intro" tab
  4. Paste the embed code from YouTube or other hosted video services
  5. Save settings

Add a video to a specific property

  1. Log in at RealBird
  2. Click "Edit" for the particular listing's record
  3. Scroll down to the "Live Chat/Video intro" section
  4. Paste the embed code from YouTube or other hosted video services
  5. Save changes

Suggested width and height for the embed code:

The examples above use 350px for width and 223px for height This is the suggested video size. 

You can use embeddable widgets from any other 3rd party providers. If you use YouTube, make sure you generate an embed code which disables the related video previews at the end of your video as it may show your competitions video otherwise. 

There are many great uses for this section of your RealBird single property website. With this larger layout design, you can actually utilize that additional space of the contact information section to deliver more information. I suggest to use it for generic information about your business and services vs. listing specific video as for those, there are now 6 customizable pages that can be added (more about this in our next post)

If you have a custom and unique RealBird implementation, we would love to hear about it. Please share it as a comment below and feel free to link to your property website below.

-- The RealBird Team 


Smiling Faces: video montage of RealBird members

We have created two Animoto movies; this time we are using the photos and logos of many, randomly selected RealBird members. (For those of you who did not make it in these cuts, we'll post more Animoto movies later with different pictures.) The photo selection process was random and the selection was only limited by the resources we had: we uploaded hundreds of photos and the unique and amazing slideshow generation feature of Animoto further randomized it based on the pattern of the music selected. You can see that the videos using different music styles generate distinct presentations:

Video with French chanson style music
Artist: Bruno Stimart   Title: Hello Madame

Video with jazzy, downbeat music with some latin vibes
Artist: Mettle Music   Title: Nubuck

Like the videos? Feel free to grab them and post them on your own blog (use the Post it button on the top left corner of the video).

I would be very interested to hear some innovative ideas on how to best utilize this technology for real estate presentations. Carson at had some ideas. I was thinking maybe using Animoto with photos of the agents of a particular brokerage for corporate presentations and multimedia. Any ideas?

Make sure you check out Animoto. And of course, just like with any other video types, you can embed your Animoto video into your RealBird listing sites.

Have fun with Animoto !

-- Zoltan Szendro

End of the slideshow as we know it

I received an email from the Animoto guys this morning that their service is available for the public as of today. Animoto uses a patent-pending technology to produce high-impact video from your pictures and music.

Quote from their website: " Each video is a fully customized orchestration of user-selected images and music.  Produced on a widescreen format, Animoto videos have the visual energy of a music video and the emotional impact of a movie trailer."

Since we started to promote real estate videos more than a year ago, one of the main barriers to entry for most real estate agents was the high "cost" of production. While the cost of hardware and software to take and edit video is insignificant, the time and expertise required to actually produce it with an acceptable quality made it prohibitive for most of the agents.

Animoto might very well be the answer to this. The process is quite simple. You create a free account with them and upload your property images and music or choose from their selection. Their rendering engine takes care of the rest. Analyzing the music, it will create a high-impact, music video style, embeddable slide-show widget.

Amazing technology.  And of course, fully supported by the free RealBird Listing Publisher property website builder to enhance your listing presentation.

Here is the work-flow I suggest:

  1. Take as many high-resolution pictures of your property as possible including exterior and interior, such as the kitchen, living room etc. You can always discard bad images after downloading them to your computer.
  2. Organize the pictures into presentation sections (exterior, kitchen, living room, master bedroom). E.g. put them in separate folders on your computer
  3. Create several short clips with Animoto
  4. Create a free property website with RealBird
  5. Upload all the pictures to RealBird
  6. Embed each Animoto clips under the video section of your RealBird listing site. Add a title above the embed code to describe the clip.

Below is a short example clip using photos of my baby nephews:

I would love to feature some of your listings on this blog if you are using Animoto. Send us your RealBird property link with Animoto clips embedded  (or add it as a comment below) and we'll feature it in our case studies category.

-- Zoltan Szendro

Viddler videos supported by Publisher

Viddler logo
As we wrote about it before, one of the main design concept behind the RealBird Publisher single property website listing marketing tool is to give you the freedom to choose your own 3rd party tools for enhanced listing presentation. Whether it's PhotoBucket, PictureTrail or for photo slide-show or YouTube, Google Video, Veoh for real estate videos, we created a system which let you use any type of media which support embedding into websites and blogs.

One of the best real estate video sharing tools is Viddler

Here is a quick breakdown of features which shows why Viddler is better than YouTube in terms of full featured video presentation for real estate:

  • Viddler enables you to annotate your video. You can tag and bookmark frames or segments
  • You can embed multiple segments of the same video into your Publisher listings
    You can split up your video into several segments such as Living Room, Kitchen, The Pool, The Neighborhood etc.
  • Your visitors and the general public can tag and share your video or part of it, using comments, tagging and emailing features
  • Video tags are searchable on Viddler, providing additional discovery options for consumers

If you already using Viddler for your real estate videos, add it to the comments below or email us and we will feature your property on this blog.

-- Zoltan Szendro