- Custom apparel with your own QR code

Based on the good reception of the RealBird QR features, we launched a new website over the weekend at for creating, sharing and buying custom apparels showing your own messages encoded as QR codes. 

This is RealBird pet project and the application is not real estate specific. Any messages, websites and even links to YouTube videos can be turned into a QR code and printed on t-shirts and other apparel.

Screen shot 2010-11-08 at 11.20.47 AM

How to use the site:

  • Visit
  • Enter whatever message your heart desires to share: a poem, a link to your website, a YouTube link, anything. 
  • Click the "Create Your QR apparel" button
  • The page will reload, the QR code is generated and a preview is shown. You can now click the "Select Apparel Type" button that will lead you to with the pre-configured shopping cart. Your QR code is automatically added to the design. 
  • You can select among 60 different types of apparels: gents, ladies, kids and different styles, sizes and colors. All of them will retain the generated QR code that holds your "secret" message.
  • If you are not ready to purchase or you are just playing with the service, you can still share your creations with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers. Below is a screenshot with an arrow showing the built in sharing tools for your creations.


Enjoy. And of course, if you like the service, please share it with your friends with the Facebook and Twitter button on the homepage.

Thanks !

Disclaimer: We are a reseller affiliate of and upon your purchase of the QR apparels, we are paid an affiliate fee. Fulfillment, billing and returns are processed by according to their own terms listed on their website.

-- Zoltan



Mobile real estate marketing with QR codes

RealBird Mobile Real Estate MarketingStop us if you heard this one from us before, but we have just released a few additional QR code and mobile listing marketing features for RealBird 

I will use this post to summarize all the mobile marketing and QR code features of RealBird including the recently launched new options, in a FAQ format for a change:

Q: What are the QR codes?

A: QR (Quick Response) codes are barcodes that can be printed on flyers and other offline media and they can encode a wide variety of information. The information can be a link to a website or your contact information or any type of messages that you can think of. The most important application in our opinion is to use the QR codes as an easy way for consumers to get real-time, current information about your property. Home buyers can use their smartphones to quickly scan your QR code which then leads them to your RealBird single property websites instantly.

Q: What are the RealBird QR options?

A: We provide a growing number of options for mobile listing marketing. QR codes are automatically generated for your RealBird single property websites. On your listing management page in the RealBird member area, each listing record shows the corresponding QR code with the following options:

  1. Download small QR code images for your listings to be used on webpages and blogs
  2. Download large QR code images - big enough for adding them to your print flyers
  3. Purchase auto-generated stickers that you can attach to your sign rider or any other offline media - it's easy, just click the link and the stickers are auto-generated for you with the corresponding QR codes and custom texts.
  4. The printable version of your RealBird single property website now automatically includes the related QR code so when you or your visitors print it, the QR code is automatically included in the header (Special thanks for David Childress for suggesting this feature)NEW

Q: What type of stickers can be purchased via RealBird?

A: We currently provide two types of stickers to purchase via our integration with Zazzle 

  1. 3" round stickers ($4.95 +S/H buys you 6 stickers)
  2. 11"x3" rectangle, "bumper"-size sticker ($3.95 + S/H per sticker) - NEW
Large QR Sticker for real estate marketing

Q: What smartphones are currently supported by the RealBird mobile single property websites?

Mobile Real Estate Marketing Platforms with RealBird

A: The RealBird single property websites are optimized for mobile users. A smarthphone-friendly user interface is shown automatically when our system sees that the user accesses it via one of the supported phones. The mobile listing presentation shows the property overview (price, location etc.), your property description and neighborhood information and all of the photos. The third section of the UI is your contact information including your photo, your phone number and email for inquiries and links to your website and blog. The iPhone picture above shows an actual rendering of a RealBird single property website. The listing and image is courtesy of Janie Coffey of "The Coral Gables Story" real estate blog

With our new release, we are now supporting the following smartphone platforms:

  1. iPhone
  2. iPod Touch
  3. BlackBerry phones - NEW
  4. Android phones - NEW
  5. Opera Mini - e.g. on Nokia smartphonesNEW

While the iPhone, iPod Touch testing is pretty easy due to the limited number of different Apple devices, BlackBerry and Android phones vary greatly. We tested the new RealBird mobile listing websites on many of these phones but if you find that your particular model does not render the mobile UI correctly (it shows the regular RealBird property website instead) please let us know the type and model we'll fix it as soon as possible. 

Q: How to start using these QR features?

A: Using the RealBird QR features are very simple:

  1. Log into RealBird (or register here if you are not yet a member)
  2. Visit your Listing Management page in the member area
  3. For each listing record, a corresponding QR image is shown. Below the QR image, you'll see links for downloading the free QR images (small and large sizes) 
  4. If you decide to purchase the stickers, a link is provided for both the 3" round stickers and for the 11"x3" large sticker. The stickers are auto-generated with your listing's QR code so checking out at the shopping cart is the only step you have to do. They are also very affordable (less than $5/listing + S/H)

Q: So how do I market this new RealBird service to my prospective sellers?

A: You have to tell them about it of course and most importantly show them what it is and how it will benefit them. As we wrote about it earlier, you can use your existing listings with the QR codes and your smartphone: quickly scan it and show the RealBird mobile single property websites that is loaded instantly. It will surely impress prospective sellers. 

Below are two examples on how forward thinking real estate professionals already communicate this feature to their readers on their blogs (note the great title SEO they both use):

Janie Coffey wrote about her QR offerings via RealBird on her Coral Gables real estate blog. It's an excellent example on how to communicate this feature to your clients and to set yourself apart from your competition. See the post here

Stacie Whatley also has a great post here on ActiveRain, you can read her take on it on her Gig Harbor, WA real estate blog 

Long story short, make sure, that once you start using these new RealBird QR code features, you promote it face-to-face and also through blog posts and social media.

Disclaimer: We are a reseller affiliate of and upon your purchase of the low cost QR sticker we are paid an affiliate fee.


-- Zoltan



QR stickers for your sign riders and flyer boxes

Following up on our previous post about the new QR code feature for RealBird listings, we are glad to let you know that we have also added a utility that allows you to buy custom QR stickers directly from the RealBird listing management page.

You can buy 6 pcs of 3" stickers with your RealBird listing's QR code and the property address on it for only $4.95 (plus tax and S & H). The stickers are automatically created for your listing and fulfillment is via

Zazzle QR real estate sticker

Disclaimer: We are a reseller affiliate of and upon your purchase we are paid an affiliate fee.


QR codes for your real estate property flyers with RealBird

QR-RealBird-Property-Flyer We've added QR code support to the RealBird single property websites over the weekend. QR codes are compact barcodes that can encode all different kinds of information. They can be read by scanners, mobile phones with camera and smartphones. In our implementation, the automatically generated QR codes encode your RealBird single property websites' Urls and after scanning them with an iPhone for example, consumers can get access to your listing information instantly.

So why is this useful? You may want to use the QR codes of your listing information at places where you have limited space for sharing text and links and/or entering long Urls into mobile devices is inconvenient or impossible for consumers. QR codes are perfect for adding additional information to sign riders, printed property flyers, business cards, listing cards (i.e. business cards printed for individual listings), listing mailers. I am sure many innovative and unexpected ways of using QR codes will appear in real estate, but the following are the direct benefits:

  1. Providing convenient, additional information: Attach your QR codes (e.g. printed on stickers) to your sign riders and flyer boxes. Even if you run out of printed flyers, tech-savvy consumers can still load your RealBird listing website via their smartphones with only a few clicks
  2. Winning more listings: Just like with any other new, emerging technologies, you can showcase your marketing and tech savviness to your prospective sellers. For example, you can print a QR code via RealBird for one of your existing listings and demonstrate the service at a listing interview by simply showing how easily you can load the mobile listing website with your iPhone. If I were the seller, I would be impressed for sure.

How to get your RealBird QR codes:

  1. Log in to your RealBird account
  2. Visit the "Listing Management" page
  3. For each listings, below the primary picture, a preview of the QR code is provided. Below the preview, there are two links: one for downloading a small version of the QR code and one for a large QR code image, suitable for printing

The QR code feature is available for both US and Canadian listings in RealBird and there is now additional setup required. Just log in and get the QR codes instantly.

What's next? We are going to extend the mobile platform capabilities of RealBird and we will also make it easier for you to actually order QR code stickers and other materials from within RealBird so please, stay tuned for the upcoming updates. 

As always, your feedback and suggestions are much appreciated.