Viddler videos supported by Publisher

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As we wrote about it before, one of the main design concept behind the RealBird Publisher single property website listing marketing tool is to give you the freedom to choose your own 3rd party tools for enhanced listing presentation. Whether it's PhotoBucket, PictureTrail or for photo slide-show or YouTube, Google Video, Veoh for real estate videos, we created a system which let you use any type of media which support embedding into websites and blogs.

One of the best real estate video sharing tools is Viddler

Here is a quick breakdown of features which shows why Viddler is better than YouTube in terms of full featured video presentation for real estate:

  • Viddler enables you to annotate your video. You can tag and bookmark frames or segments
  • You can embed multiple segments of the same video into your Publisher listings
    You can split up your video into several segments such as Living Room, Kitchen, The Pool, The Neighborhood etc.
  • Your visitors and the general public can tag and share your video or part of it, using comments, tagging and emailing features
  • Video tags are searchable on Viddler, providing additional discovery options for consumers

If you already using Viddler for your real estate videos, add it to the comments below or email us and we will feature your property on this blog.

-- Zoltan Szendro

PictureTrail slideshow support and showcase

As we wrote about it before, one of the unique features of the RealBird Publisher single property website builder is the ability to embed any 3rd party widgets.

PictureTrail Logo One of the best Flash photo slideshow builders is PictureTrail. While it is mainly for the younger, non-professional crowd - judging by their website design and samples - it is a perfect fit for real estate professionals also. They provide 27 different, highly interactive slideshow types with very intuitive animations and user interface.

Integration with RealBird is simple: Once you created your free PictureTrail account and uploaded your property pictures, you will be provided with an HTML embedding code for the selected slideshow type. You can copy and paste this code snippet into your RealBird editor and rename the tab from the default video to "Virtual Tour" , "Slide Show" or whatever you pick as a good title.

Alex Keyser has a listing in Gilroy, CA which demonstrates the seamless integration of a PictureTrail slideshow with his RealBird listing website.

Visit the listing site and click the "Virtual Tour" tab for a preview.


BTW: Alex is also a user of the RealBird Map-based Property Search service. If you are planning to buy in the Santa Cruz, CA area please visit his map-search application for a quick, easy-to-use and intuitive MLS search experience.

-- Zoltan Szendro
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