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Heads up: Janie Coffey's new 12-Week Luxury Real Estate Training Course is set to start on June 1

Luxury real estate training course by janie coffey Janie Coffey's new 12-Week Luxury Real Estate Training Course is now set to start on June 1, 2018. There are already 150 agents and brokers who graduated from her course in 2017, with actionable knowledge and successes stories to share.

She is running a 50% OFF Early Bird special currently and you can get in for only $997 vs the list price of $1,997 ,for a limited time. That's a $1000 savings if you act today :)

Here is a list of topics that we'll cover during the classes:

Week 1 - Mythbusting and Killer Mindsets for luxury real estate
Week 2 - Luxury Lead Generation with Farming
Week 3 - Luxury Lead Generation with Sphere of Influence
Week 4 - Getting Luxury Listings through Expireds
Week 5 - Marketing the Luxury Listing
Week 6 - Growth Planning, Admins, Teams, VAs, etc.
Week 7 - Materials of the Luxury Agent
Week 8 - Key elements in a niche marketing campaign
Week 9 - Setting and creating the expectations, experiences
Week 10 - Pricing the luxury property
Week 11 - Finances of the luxury agent
Week 12 - Brands (your own and your brokerage)

Go check it out: You can sign up with confidence, with our 100% Money Back Guarantee available during the first 60 days of the course!

-- The RealBird team

P.s. Full disclosure: Janie is a client of ours and we are also affiliated with her luxury real estate training course and therefore we make money if you purchase her course at

New virtual tours and a must have seller emailing tool. RealBird updates.

We launched a few new features last week and those are generally available now for all RealBird members:

Seller Emailing Tool: A must have for listing marketing

From the member area, you can now easily forward your listing websites and virtual tour to you sellers, asking them to forward the email to their friends, family and colleagues. You are not only demonstrating your marketing efforts to your sellers - which in itself is very important - but you may also utilize their network for listing marketing. And because all these RealBird email templates are private labeled with your photo and contact information, you will also reach larger audience with your brand and hence generating more referral business.

There are preset templates that you can customize for Just Listed, For Sale, For Rent, Coming Soon, Open House, Just Sold etc. so it truly takes only seconds to forward your listing to your seller. Links in these email templates are also tagged with Google Analytics campaign parameters automatically, so you can track the effectiveness of these emails.

Seller Email Tool

Try the seller emailing tool today with

New, branded virtual tours

The new, branded virtual tours build on the popular unbranded version. They are automatically created for your listings on RealBird for your for-sale, for-rent, pending and also for sold properties.

RealBird Virtual Tour

Check them out. View them for your existing listings on RealBird or publish new listings today.

Updated listing forwarding tool on the single property websites

Listing forwarding by consumers from your RealBird property websites and virtual tours are now also branded with your photo and contact information, just like with the seller emailing member tool. This is an update of the existing forwarding tool on the property websites and virtual tours, but with the modern, pretty HTML templates including your information, it is a much better utility now helping you create referral business while marketing a current property.

Let us know what you think of these new features. We always appreciate your feedback.

-- The RealBird Team