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New chat tool available to embed on your RealBird property websites

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 4.46.01 PMWe are often asked for advice as to what chat tool is available to embed in the RealBird "Chat" section. One that recently came to our attention is PureChat

To see what it looks like, embedded in a RealBird property website, see this listing:

Listing courtesy of David Langlois of Macdonald Realty.

NOTE: the PureChat service is free for 30 chat sessions/month, after which it costs $5/month. Check out their website for details and see our tutorials about how to embed the chat code (or a youtube video code) in your listings.

-- The RealBird Team

New syndication partner: OLX

OLX-ListingsWe added a new syndication partner site last week: 

From now on, all your listings that you publish on RealBird will be automatically syndicated to Changes to your RealBird listings will automatically reflect on OLX as well.

Unlike most of the other RealBird partner sites, OLX does not link back to your RealBird property website, but rather, consumer can send you their inquiries through OLX's lead capture tool. Make sure that you monitor your emails for leads coming through OLX as well.

Stay tuned: more syndication partners are working on implementing the RealBird feed. We'll let you know when your RealBird listings are live on those sites. 

-- The RealBird Team