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Rental marketing with RealBird

We are not sure if it's due to some new market trends or just a change in our usage pattern, but we noticed that there are more and more rental properties listed on RealBird recently. Based on this fact and due to the requests from many of our power users, you can now mark a property "Rented" 

This is a good practice for keeping the property website live in order to maintain SEO and for past inventory marketing. This was available for for-sale properties before - i.e. you could change their published status from Active to Pending and to Sold - but now it is also available for rental properties. 

The steps are simple: 

  1. Make sure your listing is either "Residential Rental" or "Commercial Rental" type 
  2. Select the "Sold/Rented" status in the RealBird editor.

Below is an example of a single property website of a recently closed rental in Miami


Some SEO Coolness - Condos Fulton MO

RealBird property sites rank great in search engines for listing addresses and for many long tail keywords, but we often run into generic, targeted search terms for which the RealBird sites rank amazingly well too. 

See an example below: a RealBird listing website ranking #5 (from my CA location) on Google for the amazingly general "condos fulton mo" search (without the quotes). In this particular instance and as of right now, the RealBird property website is ranked above, Trulia, Zillow, Oodle and many other large real estate portals.

I noticed this morning via Clicky Spy, a click-through from Google to the following Fulton, MO condo for sale by Sherry Abbott. While we see a lot of Google traffic every day (in fact, over a quarter of all traffic is from search engines), this particular one popped out in the live report this morning, because it was such a generic term: Condos Fulton MO 

Here is the screenshot of the Clicky Spy record:


And here is the screenshot of the 5th position on Google.
Note that Google search is a dynamic system and rankings may change over time and may depend on other factors too, such as your location, browsing history etc. but right now, the RealBird listing site is at the 5th position.


Also note that Google highlights the location and the keyword Condo in the title, in the excerpt and also in the RealBird property site's Url, which is important for achieving actual click-throughs.

Last but not least, here is Sherry's Fulton, MO condo for sale on RealBird.

Facebook Listing Pages - Take 2

Another day, another productivity update:

You can now set up and administer your Facebook Listing Pages of your RealBird listings right from the Listing Management system. See the example screenshot below. 


We hope you find this to be a convenient option for utilizing this unique and powerful feature. 

More to come...

Productivity update for agents and brokers with large listing inventory

A few new search filters have been introduced to the RealBird listing management page. 

If you had hundreds of listings published via RealBird, it became increasingly time-consuming to locate the specific one that you wanted to edit. Not any more. With the new search tool you can filter your listings by Visibility Status (draft vs. published) and also perform free text search on the Listing Title. These filters are introduced as an addition to the existing Property Type, Property Status and Address search, so that you can combine the search criteria as you wish.

  RealBird Listing Management Filter

Facebook real estate marketing with RealBird

We have more and more options for Facebook real estate marketing with RealBird so we thought a summary post is due, one that explains them all in one post with links to details tutorials. So here we go:

There are two main categories:

  1. Marketing individual listings
  2. Marketing your inventory

Marketing individual listings on Facebook

1) Create a Facebook Listing Page with the Facebook Like button

This is a brand new and very powerful option. With only a few clicks, you can setup a standalone Facebook Page dedicated to your individual listing. You can then post status updates on your Facebook Listing Page. E.g. price changes, new photos, sales events etc. All these updates are automatically syndicated to your Fans News Feed. See below Mike Conner's RealBird listing website (house is already sold :) that uses the Facebook Like button. He even announced via this channel when the property was sold and I - as a fan of this Facebook Listing Page - learned about it via my own Facebook News Feed. Make sure you invite your sellers to "Like" their own Facebook Listing Page.

Facebook Like button on the RealBird property website

Facebook Listing Page

Related tutorial:

2) Share your RealBird single property website as link on your Facebook Page

We optimized your RealBird property website in a way that when you copy the link into the status update field of your Facebook Page, Facebook picks up your primary photo automatically. Shared links with photos are more likely to be clicked on than the ones without. Just copy and paste your property website link from the browser's address bar into the status update box of your Facebook Fan Page.

The example shows a typical such post. We shared the first Puerto Rico listing on RealBird via our own RealBird Facebook Page. In you case, it will be your own listing with your own Facebook name and picture of course.

Facebook Page real estate marketing

You can also use  our and Posterous integration to automate this process, but even without that, it only takes a few seconds per listing to achieve this.

Marketing your property inventory on Facebook

1) Facebook Page Homes for Sale tab

Use this option to add your RealBird photowall widget of your listing inventory to your Facebook Fan Pageunder its own tab. This requires a one-time setup which takes only a few minutes and then the widget will be automatically updated on Facebook every time you post a new listing on RealBird. Click the image below to see it in action - courtesy of Mike Conner

Related tutorial: How to add your Homes for Sale tab to your Facebook Fan Page

Olympia Homes

2) Facebook Profile Homes for Sale tab

Similar to the previous option, you can add the photowall widget to your Facebook Profile page as well. Example courtesy of Eric Slifkin

Facebook Profile RealBird listings

Related tutorial: How to add your Homes for Sale tab to your Facebook Profile

Bonus feature: Add your Facebook Page to your RealBird single property website

This option is a marketing channel with the opposite direction. Use your syndicated single property website to capture new fans for your Facebook Page. Simply add the Facebook Like Box to your RealBird listing website. Listing courtesy of Cheryl Ritchie

Facebook Page on RealBird

See the related tutorial: Adding your Facebook Page to your property website

In short, all you have to do is to post your listing on RealBird once and either via a quick one-time setup or only a few clicks per listing, you can market your listings to Facebook. It was designed to be as quick and easy as possible. We hope you find this post helpful in understanding the many options and benefits you have with RealBird for your Facebook real estate marketing.

We will have a free Webinar workshop on July 13 and we'll walk you through the steps of each options. You can register to the webinar at 9 AM (Pacific time) here or also to the webinar at 2 PM (Pacific time) here

-- Zoltan