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Search the real estate web (TM)

Search-the-real-estate-webJust for weekend fun - and because it is also useful - we released a search engine based on Google's custom search engine technology, which allows visitors to search real estate related content that are provided only on real estate websites. In other words, it is a search engine which uses the subset of the whole web. The search engine index is built with pages from Zillow, Inman News, Trulia, ActiveRain and RealBird (and all other domain names linked from those sites).

For example, if you use RealBird to market your properties online and your RealBird account is set up with your own website and blog links, the search engine index will contain your listing information on RealBird and all the content from your website and blog.

The search engine can be found at

Here are a few sample searches:

Searching for a real estate professional: Janie Coffey

Looking for property for sale information: Hopkinton homes for sale

Searching for real estate terms: "Real estate capital gain when selling your home"

Searching for industry news: Century 21 advertising

You can also grab and deploy it as a widget on your own website and blog. See it in action on the right side of this blog. We also embedded it below. Use the embed code through the "Grab widget" button or to customize the width and height on the widget homepage.

Google link sweepstakes

We started a sweepstakes for randomly selecting a RealBird listing to be linked from one of Google's own blogs. In March 2008, one of the RealBird single property websites was selected as a case study for Google's newly released Street View API and Google linked to the property website from their blog post. Unfortunately, that particular listing was deleted by the listing agent from RealBird so we are going to redirect that link to another RealBird listing.

Please visit our ActiveRain blog in order to learn more about the sweepstakes and participation. This is a free sweepstakes, no purchase of any kind is necessary.

-- Zoltan

Oodle classifieds - and your RealBird listings - are coming to Facebook

Oodle announced on December 2 that they reached an agreement with Facebook for powering Facebook's classified ads system, just like they do with MySpace already. The specifics of the implementaition is not yet known but I assume it will utilize the relationships inherent to the Facebook platform. Oodle is planning a Q1 2009 release so we should know more soon.

The good news for RealBird users is that the listings syndicated through RealBird will automatically be included through our existing distribution to Oodle.

We'll post more details as soon as we have more information.

-- Zoltan