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RealBird Virtual Tour released - with Google Street View, Google Earth and more

We released the RealBird Virtual Tour product during the weekend: a low cost add-on to the free RealBird single property website. It is an MLS-friendly virtual tour service,  which utilizes most of the technologies we developed over the last year for the free single property websites.

This new product closes a very important loop in our listing marketing platform: The free RealBird Listing Publisher provides many ways to reach home buyers with minimum effort through 1) organic search engine marketing 2) automatic syndication to classified ads portals 3) unique and growing set of listing widgets for publishing on blogs and social network like ActiveRain 4) and additional tools to make it easy and fast to manually post on classified sites - like Craigslist - that do not allow automatic syndication.

With the new, low cost RealBird Virtual Tour add-on, you can now utilize the MLS too, as a distribution platform for your online listing presentations. IDX searches are ubiquitous home buyer tools on real estate websites nowadays. In order for your listing to be highlighted on IDX searches with the virtual tour icon and link, you have to include an unbranded virtual tour though. The RealBird Virtual Tour provides both unbranded and branded version so that you can fully comply with your MLS regulations. It is an optional add-on and costs only $9.99 per listing or $14.99 when purchased with a property domain name. As far as I know, the RealBird Virtual Tour is one of the most cost effective virtual tour on the market to reach home buyers through widely deployed IDX searches.

Unique features include:

  • Large Google Street View where available - your virtual tour is now also a neighborhood tour
  • Complete web analytics - get detailed traffic analysis for your virtual tours using Clicky, Google Analytics and MyBloglog. You will be able to see which local competition brings the most traffic to your virtual tour
  • Unlimited variations of design themes with background images and color themes
  • 7 different maps and live traffic report

See some of the examples below. You can preview your virtual tour, by creating a free RealBird account (or log in if you are already a member), publishing your listing with the Listing Publisher and preview your virtual tour using the links provided. Both branded and unbranded. Make sure you upload high quality photos for best results.

The virtual tour is an optional, low cost add-on to the free service, and we are really excited about the capabilities. So go, check it out and let us know what you think and what you would like us to add to make it even better.

Here are a few examples:

2.7 AC wholesale nursery
Janie Coffey's listing is one of the most unique designs and properties in RealBird.

See the unbranded Virtual Tour
Branded Virtual Tour

Fort Worth, TX single family home
Listing by Brenda Magness, Brenda Blaser & Pam Yoakum Realty Group. Note the Street View and the Market Statistics tab.

Unbranded Virtual Tour
Branded Virtual Tour

Holliston Massachusetts New Construction
Listing by Bill Gassett.  The screenshot shows the embedded 3D Google Earth.

Unbranded Virtual Tour
Branded Virtual Tour

Let us know what you think.

-- Zoltan Szendro

MySpace Classifieds has real estate listings through Oodle

The great thing about syndicating RealBird listings to Oodle is that through their ever growing partnership with third-party sites, RealBird listings find their way to even more destinations automatically. We wrote about it on ActiveRain when we first noticed traffic from OverStock (through and Walmart's classifieds sites (through Oodle) and now there is a new prominent Oodle partnership, which takes your RealBird listings even further, capturing the attention of another segment of the Internet population.

On June 28, Oodle announced its parnership with MySpace supplying their newly released MySpace classifieds site with fresh listings. This particular implementation also utilizes the social graph embedded in MySpace: listings can be linked to MySpace profiles and friends can be enlisted to help users buy and sell products. Not being a MySpace user myself, I have not tested these features yet, but I've noticed traffic coming in to RealBird sites from MySpace already.

Oodle syndicates to more than 200 sites, so when you post your listing on RealBird, it is eventually syndicated to an additional 200 portals besides our direct distribution partners. Syndication of the syndicated data. Pretty cool.

I could not find the full list of their partners anywhere on Oodle, but I will inquire about it and list them in a future post.

-- Zoltan Szendro