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Social sharing feature upgraded on the RealBird single property websites

With the latest update released today, all RealBird single property websites got a new social bookmarking component. We switched from our own social bookmark links to using ShareThis - the leading social bookmarking add-on for blogs. With ShareThis, the bookmarking links on the listing websites are always up-to-date, more extensive in selection and the user interface is more attractive. The rotating icon is also a good eye-catcher and invites visitors to check out and use the feature. ShareThis also records statistics of usage and hopefully via their API we will be able to report it back to you. This is to be developed, but it will be interesting information to provide.

ShareThis also allows you to post your listing on your social network profiles including Facebook and MySpace. The actual end result depends on the platform, but I suggest to take the extra few minutes per listing to share it through this new tool on as many places as you can.

See it live on this Palm Springs, CA property website

-- Zoltan Szendro

Tracking the real estate web in real-time - tracks real estate blog posts across the Internet and shows them on a ticker style interface as they appear. I developed this as a pet project a year ago - mostly for myself, to see what's happening in the real estate blogsphere. I recently updated the source with new feeds, so here is an intro, hopefully you will find it useful. is an almost real-time view of the real estate web; or at least the subset which is included in the I usually have running in the background in a separate browser window during the day, which gives me an easy way to get a sneak preview into things what may be breaking RE news. Of course, through widgets, one can track the real estate web on desktops like the Mac OSX Dashboard (see below) or add it and share it with blog readers as well.

The main aggregator feeds in the Pot are:

  1. ActiveRain latest posts feed - aggregated feeds of the recent AR posts from all members
  2. RealTown aggregated feed
  3. 3 Inman News feed
  4. RealBird feed - the aggregated feed of the latest  listings published through RealBird
  5. RELiberation aggregated feed - similar to ActiveRain's feed, it tracks all RELiberation members latest posts
  6. Trulia Voices - latest consumer/agent discussions on Trulia
  7. Zolve - the aggregate feed of the their members' blogs
  8. And the new addition: FriendFeed global aggregated posts and social network chatter filtered with the keyword "real estate". This includes diggs, social shares, Twitter one liners etc.

Not surprisingly, the biggest and most active contributor is the ActiveRain community. Most of the real estate buzz is coming from that aggregated feed. The Trulia Voices feed is quite active as well. I added a few individual blog feeds also, like FutureOfRealEstateMarketing, MyTechOpinon and GeekestateBlog, probably a bit overlapped with the FriendFeed chatter, but just in case.

See FeedPot in action here


Or you can grab the widget below (allow a few seconds for the first article to be pulled)

For Mac users (Leopard) there is an easy way to get the FeedPot as a RE blog ticker and place it on your Dashboard (this technique works for other, automatically refreshing sites as well) Using Safari, visit, then use the 4th, scissor icon in the toolbar, highlight the area on FeedPot you'd like to place on your Dashboard (the ticker), and click "Add". That's it. You can now track the real estate web on your Mac Dashboard.

-- Zoltan Szendro

ActiveRain closes on to reach the 100,000 members mark

ActiveRain - one of the leading and certainly the most dynamic  real estate social networks - has 91,690 members, as of the time of writing this post. ActiveRain is free service and the value is unprecedented in terms of access to the vast amount of information shared by other real estate professionals and online marketing in general.

We call on all of you, real estate professionals (agents, brokers, appraisals, stager, mortgage lenders etc.) to join for free and let's help them together to reach the 100,000 members count.

  • ActiveRain is a blogging system in the sense that it
    enables you to write articles, it lists them in chronological order,
    syndicates it via RSS and feeds the search engine monster for maximum
    exposure and clearly identifies you as the author and authority.
  • ActiveRain is a training ground:
    Many of us come to ActiveRain for advice, discussions and to learn from
    each other. Training each other on business, marketing etc. is what
    creates the loyalty and incremental benefit, and this sets ActiveRain
    apart from other services.
  • ActiveRain is an ecosystem and a team marketing platform:
    One participant's success depends on the success of the overall
    ecosystem and AR members directly and indirectly enhance each others
    marketing efforts. For example, there is such a deep interconnection
    between the 1 million+ AR pages Google knows about, that search engines
    pay extra attention to content published via ActiveRain and value the
    content as highly relevant.
  • ActiveRain is a unique social network:
    Valuable social networks are those, where the connections between the
    participants create a value-add, which would not exist without these
    connections. That is, there are 1) new and 2) valuable information born
    from these relationships. In other words, the relationships between
    ActiveRainers are as important as the content generated by individuals.

To celebrate ActiveRain's contribution to the real estate industry, we - at RealBird - have released an ActiveRain Social Network Widget, which can be used to merge your ActiveRain and RealBird account into a handy, great looking, team marketing platform.  Market your ActiveRain associates (the ActiveRain members you selected as your inner circle), each other's business profile, each other's listings (published through RealBird) and each other blog posts!

Below is an example of the widget with viral marketing capability built into it:

The widget above shows our own RealBird ActiveRain associates, their RealBird listings and the blog posts. To get your own, join ActiveRain and RealBird (both for free) and get your own widget from the RealBird member area.

Enjoy the benefits and let's give ActiveRain a helping hand to reach the 100,000 member mark.

-- Zoltan Szendro