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Social networking - a theoretical overview

A theoretical overview of social networks by faberNovel Consulting . Note the distinction between networks of self expression ( The Platform  or "fantasized identity" as they call it ) like MySpace and networks providing services on real-world social graphs ( The Utility or "real identity") like FaceBook and LinkedIn

This is a great overview for real estate professionals. Online marketing is bending toward social networks and it is crucial to understand the driving forces and purposes of those today, in order to design and execute effective marketing strategies in the future.

-- Zoltan Szendro


"Just Listed" widget with custom colors

"Just Listed" widget

A new version of the RealBird "Just Listed" featured listing sidebar widget has been released. The upgrade lets you  customize the color scheme of the widget to match your website and blog design.

Many thanks for Christoph Schweiger for this feature request. See the implementation on his blog under the "Just Listed"  header on the right side. Christoph: thanks for the  kind words about us in your recent blog post.

The widget configuration tool is not yet available in the member area. In the meantime use the Url syntax listed below for setting background and link colors (the example is using Christoph's listings) &rb_lh=150&rb_f=0

rb_bg is the hex color code of the background
rb_ac  is the hex color code of underlined link
rb_tc is the hex color of the second text line (also a link but not underlined)
rb_f=0 hides the RealBird logo (the logo is not transparent, so this has to be set when using background colors other than white)

Your RealBird listings on

We are glad to let you know that your listings published via the RealBird Listing Publisher is now also automatically distributed to for additional exposure.  With over 4 million unique visitors in August 2007 - according to the Zillow - this is a marketing exposure you can't refuse.

-- Zoltan Szendro now carries for sale listings - well-known for their map-based rental search portal - has released a new version on Tuesday. They are now providing over 200,000 For Sale real estate listings, including the ones published with RealBird

From now on, your For Sale properties (single family homes, condos and townhouses) published using  the RealBird Listing Publisher are also distributed to Hotpads for even more exposure. This is an automatic distribution option, no further action is required on your side. Just list your property with RealBird and we'll do the rest.

By the way, they also have a great blog with interesting real estate insights. Go check it out

-- Zoltan Szendro

Get inspired - Gorgeous listing presentation case studies

Below are a few randomly selected listing presentations created with the RealBird Listing Publisher.

Get inspired, see how other agents are using the service.

Rona Arjomand - Atherton, CA single family home


We also like the embedded YouTube slide show. Very classy.

Alex Keyser - Carmel, CA single family home


Alex is using Picturetrail for embedded slide show presentation.

The Louise Hampton Team - Palm Springs, CA single family home


The slide show is provided by RealBird and is part of the service.

Lorrie Thomas - Canton, GA single family home


I like that she customized the title's color to match the theme of the background image. Nice creative work.

-- Zoltan Szendro

10,000 RealBird members and counting...

I guess we were sleeping when it happened, but we are delighted to announce that we had passed the 10,000 registered RealBird members milestone.

Currently, as of Nov 3, 2007 2:46 PM PDT, it stands at 10,044

Well, this is truly amazing !We are grateful for all of you who are using RealBird

Spread the word: the RealBird Listing Publisher is the best free single property website builder and online listing marketing tool out there.

Thank you for your support and on-going feedback and please do not hesitate to contact us with questions , suggestions and requests.

-- The RealBird Team