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RealKi feature update

We received many good comments  from real estate agents on how to improve the current feature set to better achieve our overall goal: creating a non-biased, balanced knowledge-base for real estate buyers and sellers while at the same time rewarding contributing  real estate professionals with the business exposure they deserve.

Kevin Boer, a Palo Alto, CA real estate agent had a great suggestion. The problem with the current wiki architecture is that visitors do not directly see the authors of the articles, unless they check out the history page of the post. In response to this request, we released today a small, but important update: every article now shows at the bottom the list of users who contributed to the content of the article.

Visit to see it in action. - Real Estate Encyclopedia

We have just launched, an online Real Estate wiki encyclopedia at

RealKi a dedicated real estate encyclopedia, built on the wiki platform, is created for the residential, commercial, mortgage and other real estate related industries by RealBird Inc. Visitors may freely post, edit and read articles, white papers and real estate related information on the site including terminologies, explanations of real estate processes, corporate and neighborhood profiles and service professional bios.

The articles can be edited by anybody and the goal is to create a vibrant community of real estate experts and consumers seeking information.

We believe that  a real estate specific, community-driven encyclopedia available for free would be very useful and make a lot of sense. It is a value for both consumers and real estate professionals. We are curious to see where RealKi can grow fed by contributions from real estate professionals and the public and to watch how the dynamics of such community will evolve.

Below are a couple of examples of existing articles:

** Corporate profile **

** Neighborhood info **

** Personal profile **

** Real estate terminologies **

You can contribute any type of information and know-how, as long as it is real
estate related.

You can contribute any type of information and know-how, as long as it is real estate related.

Visit for more info, to read and contribute and let us have your feedback.

-- The RealBird Team