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Tagging: Enhance your property ads with tagging

We just introduced a new tagging feature with the RealBird Publisher service.  You can now tag your Featured Listings with any relevant keywords. Tagging is a commonly used way to enable better classification in search engines and is a fundamental method with modern Web2.0 consumer applications such as digg, Flickr, edgeio and many others.

Combined with our syndication platform, RealBird now enables real estate professionals to utilize this simple, but powerful tool to get the most targeted and also wide-spread exposure for listings.  Leads Leads, Leads…

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Free trial, no obligation, no credit card required

We have introduced an automatic, instant sign-up tool to make it easier for real estate agents and brokers to test-drive our Map-based MLS Search service.

This is a no-obligation, free, 1-month, fully functional trial. No credit card is required to register.
Simply fill in the registration form and your service is set up immediately.

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Kindly note, that this service is for registered real estate professionals of the MLS who are in good standing with the board.