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April 2006

New RealBird sighting

We received many questions asking about which sites the Featured Listings will be sent to if you use the RealBird Publisher.

The way syndication works is that information propagates from server to server and ends up being looked at by those who subscribe to syndication feeds on various sites using for example RSS, by people who search for those topics by keywords. This is a bit like word of mouth.  We let the information lose by informing some initial syndication servers, and the message cascades "organically" through the network, achieving a broad distribution very quickly.

What is also important to understand is that the information propagated through the syndication paradigm is also indexed by the "traditional"  search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and other web-crawlers.

The latest sightings of recently posted listings are on the Technorati site

Other sites who already aggregates and propagates your RealBird listings:

We'll keep posting new sites with RealBird listings on this blog.

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RealBird listings on

Featured listings published via RealBird Publisher are now automatically posted to

If you are a real estate professional and want to get maximum on-line exposure for your listings, then the RealBird Publisher will do the job for you. Enter your listing info once and it will be sent to the "edge of the Internet". With our proprietary software we automatically  notify 1000s of directories, classified ads site, and all sorts of data aggregators, including Google Blogsearch, and others that you have posted a new listing.  No more waiting for search engines to index you and save on your online marketing expenses!

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RealBird sends real estate listings to the edge

We thought that the time in Real Estate technology has finally come to usher in the new era of RSS syndication of Featured Listings.

Real estate agents and brokers can now publish their listings with RealBird Publisher once and bingo !  thousands of sites are notified about it and suddenly the listings are to be found on the edge of the internet.

So here you are. Get started for free. Put your real estate listings on your RealBird maps and see what leads 1000s of websites will bring forth!

New MLS coverage

New MLS coverage has been added. The RealBird Map-based Search is now available for the following new MLSs: CCAR, MIBOR, NorthStar and MARIS MLS.

We invite all CCAR, MIBOR, NorthStar and MARIS members to test drive RealBird. With our "Lead Guaranteed" risk free approach, there is nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

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