New featured listing Wordpress plugin with SEO and synced with your RealBird account

Featured Listing Wordpress PluginSEO-friendly featured listing plugin is now available for self-hosted Wordpress real estate sites.

You can now simply add a simple RealBird shortcode to your WP posts and pages and your listing will be automatically pulled from your RealBird account and synced to your Wordpress site. Set it up once and continue to manage your listings on RealBird.

You can see an example on our own rental blog where we share RealBird members' rental listings using the same backlinking, SEO-friendly plugin. You can achieve now the same result on your own Wordpress site for your own listings (coming soon, active, pending and sold listings).

How to setup the Wordpress featured listings RealBird plugin:

  1. Login to RealBird
  2. Add your listing or click-through from the list of listings page to an existing one
  3. On the listing's admin page, click on the "ยป Wordpress Featured Listing Plugin (native, SEO)" link that will open a popup with instructions
  4. A unique shortcode is provided for each of your RealBird listings. The popup alsop shows the one-time, Wordpress plugin installation steps in case it is the first time using this new feature.

Please note that this is a beta version, but fully functional and tested with self-hosted Wordpress sites up to version 4.9.5 (latest at the time of writing this post). While we can't support your 3rd party Wordpress installation tasks, we are happy to send you tips on how to best utilize this new RealBird feature. Just ask us :)

-- The RealBird Team

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Listing on our rental blog is courtesy of Adam Waxler

Wordpress Nearby Homes Map Plugin Updated

The RealBird Nearby Homes For Sale Wordpress plugin has been updated (version 0.9.9). This update mainly consists of bug fixes and full support of Wordpress sites that run on secure protocols (SSL/HTTPS). Thanks John for reporting the SSL issue

You can download the updated plugin and docs in the RealBird member area.

RealBird Nearby Homes For Sale Wordpress Plugin

The plugin is available for real estate agents and brokers with RealBird PRO and RealBird IDX. The RealBird PRO version has nationwide coverage in the USA (with data sourced from Oodle's database), and the IDX version is available in the SF Bay Area (BAREIS, EBRD, Calrets/MLSListings).

Should you have questions, please let us know.

-- The RealBird Team



The RealBird Nearby Homes Plugin Supports Wordpress 4.0

Wordpress 4.0 just launched yesterday focusing mainly on improving content authoring and management features. We are happy to let you know that the RealBird Wordpress Plugin for adding your Nearby Homes Map-Search widget to your posts is fully compatible with this new Wordpress release. 

Nearby Homes For Sale Plugin

The RealBird Wordpress plugin is available for real estate agents and brokers with RealBird PRO:

  • nationwide across the USA (with data sourced from Oodle's database)
  • IDX sourced in the SF Bay Area (BAREIS, EBRD, MLSListings) and in the MRIS coverage areas in DC, Maryland and Virginia

While our tests show full compatibility with the new Wordpress release, please do not hesitate to contact us if you ran into some issues with it. Thanks.

-- The RealBird Team

RealBird Wordpress Real Estate Plugin Updated

We just launched an updated version of the RealBird Nearby Homes Wordpress Plugin

RealBird Wordpress Plugin Blog Splash

This update greatly simplifies the installation process because the RealBird plugin is no longer dependent on any 3rd party ones. Just install the single RealBird plugin, activate it, set a few configuration options and you are ready to geotag your posts and automatically add your RealBird Map-based Search to your blog posts. 

How does it work?

Every time you write a new blog post (or update existing ones), you have an option provided by the RealBird plugin to add a location to it. It can be a city, a zip code or an exact address, depending on the context of your post. When you save the post (or page), the RealBird plugin will automatically geocode the location you entered and it will automatically include your private labeled RealBird Map-based Search in the post footer, centered to the place you selected. 

In short: Just enter a location with your Wordpress post and page and the RealBird plugin takes care of the rest. See the screenshot below:

RealBird Wordpress Plugin Post Editor Screenshot


  1. The map-search plugin is available for RealBird PRO members
  2. Works with self-hosted Wordpress 3.0 or later: This should not be an issue as best practices suggest to always update to the latest version of Wordpress
  3. PHP 5 is required: Most modern hosting platforms provide PHP 5 so this should not be an issue either for most of you

Installation for the first time:

If you haven't installed the previous version of RealBird plugin before, than all you need to do is

  1. Download the zipped plugin from the RealBird member area at Member Area > Property Search > Get Code > Wordpress plugin
  2. Go to your Wordpress Dashboard > Plugins page and upload the RealBird plugin's zip file. 
  3. After the succesfull installation, you will have to click the "Activate Plugin" link to finalize the plugin setup. 
  4. Finally, you have to configure the plugin on the WP Admin > Settings > RealBird page. Just enter your RealBird Public ID and your default city, state and you are done with the one-time set up.

If you installed the previous RealBird plugin, you have to do the following:

  1. On the Wordpress Dashboard > Plugins page, deactivate and also delete the existing RealBird plugin (version 0.9.0)
  2. On the Wordpress Dashboard > Plugins page, deactivate the GeoPress plugin, you may not need to delete it, if you want to retain geotags for your previous posts. Otherwise you can delete the GeoPress plugin too and add locations to previous posts
  3. Follow the install instructions above to set up the new plugin (current version 0.9.5). 

We hope you like the ease of use of the updated RealBird Wordpress plugin.

Should you have questions and feedback, just call or email.

-- The RealBird Team