Weekend update: Upload large photos up to 9 MB each

Virtual-ToursWith our recent update to the photo management tool, you can now upload multiple, large Jpeg, Png or Gif images at once for your listings. Images can now be up to 9 MB in size each, up from the previous limit of 4 MB and therefore you don't have to pre-process and shrink most high-quality, large photos any more. 

We also fixed a bug and now the branded and unbranded virtual tours are correctly rendered with an HTML5 slideshow on iPads as well. Thanks for those who reported this problem.

Should you have questions regarding these updates, please don't hesitate to contact us.

-- The RealBird Team


New Property Slideshow Widget Launched

We just updated the RealBird single property slideshow widget: Instead of the legacy Flash player, the new version is now using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript to automatically create a beautiful slideshow for your listings on RealBird. It is now compatible with Apple's iOS and with most modern smartphones and desktop browsers as well, including the old but still in use IE7. See a few examples below:

Example 1:

Example 2:

Example 3:

How to get yours:

Slideshow LinkThe existing "Slideshow" link on the Listing Management page will bring up the new slideshow code generator. Similar to RealBird's Craigslist embed code generator, it lets you set some options and preview and generate the code for as many versions as you wish. For this particular RealBird widget, the width and the height are the customizable options currently.

We suggest to use the maximum width of 800px and maximum height of 600px and do not create smaller slideshow than 300/300 pixels. But again, you can preview your settings before you post your slideshow code on your sites, so go ahead, log into RealBird and generate the code which fits your requirements. Here is an example screen of the RealBird slideshow editor:

RealBird Slideshow Editor

Here are few things to remember :

  • Your slideshow widget is cached for 5 minutes for performance reasons. In other words, it may take up to 5 minutes for your changes in RealBird to appear on the slideshow.
  • You can upload unlimited photos for your listings on RealBird, but the slideshow widget rotates the top 30 photos only - again, for performance reasons. 
  • Works in most major browsers including the still in-use, but really old version of IE 7 and 8. The slideshow should work identically in the rest of the browsers as well including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE 9 and also on modern smartphones.

These slideshow widgets are automatically generated for your properties in RealBird. Just simply publish your listing as usual and the ever growing visualization goodies are instantly generated for you.

Enjoy !

-- The RealBird Team

Facebook Profile listing widget, new ActiveRain and blog embed code and other feature updates

We had many feature releases in the last couple of weeks, plus many improvements of existing features. The article below summarizes the result of the last month R&D efforts here at RealBird. I organized the new and updated features by products, but note that some of the improvements are interconnected, hence providing additional benefits by channeling visitors from one of your RealBird services to the other.

But first thing first. Check out these examples of the just released embed code optimized for ActiveRain, Localism and your regular blog with SEO in mind. Just enter your listings in RealBird as usual and use the new link on the member management page called "Embed it in ActiveRain & blog post". You can configure the width and show or hide contact info and center or left align the widget.

New RealBird embed code examples

PGA NATIONAL GOLF ESTATE - Escape To Your Private Oasis

Market Stats

Single Family Home
For Sale
Main Features
7 Bedrooms
6 Bathrooms
1 Partial Bathroom
Lot: 0.86 acre(s)
5 Rabbits Run
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418

Nestor and Katerina Gasset

Nestor and Katerina Gasset

International Properties and Investments, Inc
(561) 753-0135

Listed by: International Properties and Investments Inc.
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Unforgettable Views Olympia Waterfront

About Olympia

Single Family Home
For Sale
Main Features
4 Bedrooms
3 Bathrooms
Interior: 3551 sqft
Lot: 0.64 acre(s)
7500 Sandy Point Beach Rd. NE
Olympia, WA 98516

Mike Conner

Mike Conner

City Realty, Inc.
(360) 970-4408

Listed by: City Realty, Inc.
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Live Work TownHome in Market Common - Incredible Location and Price


For Sale
Main Features
2 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
2 Partial Bathrooms
Interior: 2150 sqft
Howard Avenue
Myrtle Beach, SC 29588



(843) 251-2378

Listed by: Mirela Monte
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RealBird Listing Publisher - new features

  • "Homes for Sale" tab widget for both your Facebook Profile and Facebook Page
  • New ActiveRain and Localism optimized embed code with stunningly good looking slideshows (see examples above)
  • New Photowall listing inventory widget
  • Updated configuration tool for the Featured Listings Map widget with Google Earth 3D view and options to generate maps for your sold and pending inventory as well
  • iPromote integration
  • Your RealBird single property websites now link to your RealBird Property Search, providing more comparable properties for your visitors. All leads go to you.

RealBird Property Search - new features

  • The search RSS now includes MediaRSS extension
    Photos are now attached to the RSS items with the industry standard machine readable MediaRSS extension, hence allows advanced reusability, e.g. tou can use it now to create slideshow and other media widgets using 3rd party services
  • Mapped search results as default option
    PRO subscribers can now configure the service to show the mapped results by default.
  • Advanced configuration options.
  • Configure the service so that clicking on the property search result keeps the details page in the same iframe. The default behavior is to break out of the embedded frame into new window.
  • Hiding header and footer for smooth integration.
  • These are PRO options as well. Please contact us for instructions.

New PRO subscription option - go monthly for only $11.95

Some of the new features are RealBird PRO only options, like the industry-first Facebook Profile and Facebook Page widget, MLS-compatible unbranded virtual tours, ad-free Property Search. To make your upgrade decision easier, we introduced a monthly payment option for only $11.95/month. You can upgrade instantly through the member area. Just log in and click the Upgrade link either on the member landing page or on the listing management page

If you like these new features, please consider upgrading to the PRO account in the RealBird member area. It's only $11.95 per month (equals only a few bucks or less per listing per month)

-- Zoltan 


RealBird Virtual Tours - even more affordable ways to get them

Virtual-Tour-3 We rationalized a little bit the way we provide the powerful and unique RealBird Virtual Tour add-ons for your listings. From now on, you can get branded (photo, contact information, outgoing links, your blog posts etc.) and unbranded, MLS-friendly RealBird Virtual Tours the following ways:

Single listing virtual tour

  1. Single listing upgrade - $9.99 one time fee  
  2. Street address domain name (listing domain name) -  $14.99 / year -It can be purchased through our domain name store for one year only or multiple years with auto-renew. You get your very own listing domain name and also the virtual tour upgrade   

Unlimited virtual tour - upgrade service from Free to Pro or Premium

  1. Pro service level - unlmited virtual tours for only $99/year. The service level also includes the ad-free RealBird Property Search service with map-based search option. This option is available US nationwide. No setup fee, just a low yearly subscription fee. Compare this to what you would pay otherwise for other vendors. 
  2. Premium service level - Map-based IDX Search customers are now also provided with unlimited virtual tours. This service is available only on limited markets, but where available, members get a full featured, unlimited virtual tour service (RealBird Virtual Tour), ad-free, full featured RealBird Property Search (powered by Google Base) and the RealBird Map-based IDX Search widget. Service fee is either $199 or $299 / year depending on the MLS. For this low fee, you get all of our service offerings that can be used both for prospecting home buyers and for powerful listing marketing.  
All existing Map-based IDX search customers are automatically upgraded to the Premium service level of course. Just log into your RealBird account and on the list of listings page, you will see the the virtual tour links for your properties - both branded and the unbranded version which you can add to your MLS record for massive distribution via IDX feeds. 

-- Zoltan

Promotion: Free Virtual Tours for the next two weeks

The following post is reblogged from our ActiveRain blog

As many of you may know, the RealBird Listing Publisher service is one of the leading single property websites and listing syndication services. It is a completely free service with an extensive set of features that make it easy for you to market your listings online: through search engines, on classifed sites and social networks. Many of you may also wonder how we actually make money to support the free service. In short, we are selling optional add-on services such as street address domain names, map-based IDX search and MLS-friendly virtual tours for those of our members who opt-in to dig deeper into our product offerings. It's a classic model of providing a powerful free service and low-cost add-ons as the revenue source.

One of these optional add-on services is the RealBird Virtual Tour. It is a $9.99 per listing (or $89/year unlimited) low-cost service which provides you with an MLS-friendly unbranded and branded virtual tour service. Some of the unique features include the embedded RealBird mapping technology, including the large Google Street View and Microsoft Bird's Eye View for neighborhood visualization, embedded real-time market statistics and unlimited, high resolution photos.

So what is the MLS-friendly, unbranded RealBird Virtual Tour good for? When you enter your listing into your MLS (and you or your listing broker is opted in for IDX distribution) your listing information is syndicated to 3rd party, licensed real estate websites' search engines through the IDX feed (RETS, FTP etc.). This is a massive distribution as you all very well know, because most of your local agents and brokerage sites provide some sort of IDX or VOW based search engine to their visitors and clients. Fact is that listings with photos and virtual tours get the most attention among competing listings (i.e listings matching a home buyer's interest) One of the common rules of IDX agreements across all MLS markets is that while the 3rd party, licensed real estate website has to indentify the listing broker of the listing, no contact info of the listing broker has to be provided to support them in serving a potential transaction on the buyer side. In accordance with this, virtual tours distributed through IDX feeds with your listings can not include any contact information of you or your listing broker. Hence the need for the so-called MLS-friendly, unbranded virtual tour so that you can safely include it with your listing in the MLS for massive distribution, and to increase your listing's competitiveness.

To demonstrate the capabilities of the RealBird Virtual Tour we start a special promotion of a free giveway on ActiveRain again. (we love the AR platform for such)

So here we go: Any listing which is newly added or an existing one which is updated in RealBird between Monday, Feb 23, 2009 and Tuesday, March 10, 2009 will be automatically upgraded for free to the RealBird Virtual Tour edition ($9.99 value per listing) This is not a trial ! It's a full upgrade for those listings whose "touch date" falls into this 2 week time window. You can add or update as many listings as you wish (please make sure that you have the right to promote that listing)

For existing listings, simply log into RealBird, click "Edit" on the List of listings page and save the listing again with the identical data in order to update the "touch date". We scheduled an automatic process to upgrade the listings within 20 minutes, so in some cases you may have to wait a few minutes and refresh the list of listings page to see the virtual tour links.

So head over to RealBird and get as much free Virtual Tours add-ons during the next two weeks as you wish. If you are new to RealBird, just register for free and add your listings. It only takes a few minutes.

We have one small request though: Please help us share this promotion: Kindly Reblog this post on ActiveRain, share it on Facebook, on Twitter or simply email it to your collegues. Thank you!

-- Zoltan

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