Introducing the RealBird Tutorials and Documentation wiki

We are pleased to introduce the RealBird Tutorials wiki - an ever growing repository of tutorials, best practices and RealBird case studies. We are adding new content ongoing, so make sure that you check back often.

RealBird Tutorials and Documentation 

Special thanks to Janie Coffey - a RealBird power-user and principle of Papillon LLC, a real estate firm in Coral Gables, FL - for her video tutorials that we used for the first set of tutorials.

As a teaser, see one of Janie's video tutorials embedded below, then head over to the RealBird Tutorials wiki to see more video demonstrations.

Finally, if you like to write your own RealBird tutorials, case studies and demonstrate your own examples including creating a profile on the wiki that you can link to your websites and blogs, just drop us an email and we'll add you to the authorized editors list. Thanks.

-- Zoltan