Caller ID is Now Available for the RealBird SMS Real Estate Marketing platform

SmsTwilio - the service powering the RealBird SMS marketing platform - has some amazing new features using 3rd party Add-ons and we added support for them in RealBird as well.  This is just a quick post about this update while we are working on the full announcement, should you want to start exploring it today.

One of the most useful add-ons is the caller ID lookup feature. With that, you can now receive name, address, emails and other public, non-confidential information about your prospect via service providers like Next Caller. These are all actionable information and will greatly enhance your marketing efforts and best of all, it is a low, per-lead cost, so you only pay for it when you actually receive new inquiries. 

For example, adding Next Caller's add-on to your Twilio account will cost only an additional 5 cents per lead. The standard rate is 1.5 cent per lead and for a total of 1.5+5=6.5 cents per SMS inquiry, you can have access to the clients name, gender, address and email if publicly available.

To add this feature:

  1. Visit your Twilio account's Add-on page
  2. Select the add-on and click "Install" (e.g. Advanced Caller ID by Next Caller)
  3. On the Configuration page of the add-on, under the "Use it" section, select the checkbox for "Incoming SMS Message" and click "Save" at the bottom of that page.

That's all. No changes are necessary in your RealBird account, assuming you already have the SMS platform configured.

We'll publish a more detailed tutorial for new RealBird members and in case you haven't setup the SMS platform yet. In the meantime, should you have questions, please do not hesitate to email or call us.

Important note: Caller ID and related data are provided by third parties via Twilio and RealBird in no way can guarantee accuracy. We are just forwarding that data provided by them to you. Please follow all local and federal regulations when marketing to your clients using these information.

Happy Marketing !

-- The RealBird Team


Using the RealBird branded property photo in a Craigslist ad

To follow up with our previous posts about the new RealBird branded listing photos tool, please see below an example of it combined with the RealBird SMS platform in a Craigslist ad.

Rare land with lots of potential in the heart of technology and luxury

The link of the Craigslist ad will expire eventually, but until then, you can view it online as well. 

Do you have an example of your usage of these RealBird services that we could share with others? 


Special Webinar: Setting up and using the RealBird SMS platform for lead generation

We received many emails and calls asking about details regarding the RealBird Texting/SMS platform, so we decided to hold a short, special webinar this Wednesday so we can better clarify how this capability is set up and ways to use it.  This webinar will be only about texting and related topics, so we expect it to last about 30 minutes. Participants will be able to ask questions of course.

WHEN: Wednesday, November 12, 2014 from 8:00 to 8:30  AM Pacific Time

To register, please use this link:

Improved listing management, SMS with signature and Backpage syndication update

We released a few improvements over the weekend, before the rollout of some major new features in the upcoming weeks. Below is a quick list of these updates:

Improved Listing Management Page

Ideal for users who manage a large inventory on RealBird, the listing filter form now retains your settings, so upon subsequent visits (e.g. after updating a listing or log in the next day), the last filter will be applied again. As a practical case, you may have dozens or hundreds of sold listings published through RealBird, but you rarely need to edit or manage them once added. So setting and retaining, Active and "Published only" filters will make managing current listings much easier.


Backpage syndication update

The automatic syndication to Backpage now shows your broker/company name and your state license number for compliance with local rules. Make sure that you add these information to your profile in RealBird and we'll take care of the rest.

SMS marketing platform bug fix

A software issue has been identified and fixed over the weekend that affected text code handling for those client's whose text messaging app is configured to include their signature automatically. The RealBird SMS Text Message Marketing platform now correctly handles these specific cases as well. 

Advanced, lead capture webhook API

This is an advanced feature and it is valuable for those members who work with 3rd party developers. If configured, we are now posting the details of your lead as you receive them to any 3rd party webhook Url you set. This is a preliminary release of this feature and available upon request. More details about this including documentation and other API features will be posted in the upcoming weeks.

-- The RealBird Team

In the press: RealBird® Launches SMS AnyLink™ for Mobile Real Estate Marketing

Please find below the repost of our recent press release about the new RealBird SMS AnyLink™ feature. Existing RealBird PRO members can start using this feature right away, just follow the SMS navigation menu in the member area. For new users, the setup takes only a few minutes:

SMS AnyLink™ is a novel, versatile and low cost mobile marketing tool for real estate professionals. With it real estate agents can set up custom SMS (text messaging) codes for any webpages, such as property websites, property searches, agent or listing videos, virtual tours, open homes and more.

Redwood City, CA (PRWEB) June 19, 2014

RealBird Inc., a leading provider of Internet marketing tools for real estate professionals, announced today the availability of SMS AnyLink™ with its RealBird PRO service. This capability is implemented using Twilio’s Cloud Communications Service and extends the current text marketing capabilities in the RealBird service by allowing agents to set up custom SMS codes for any webpages, such as property websites, property searches, videos, etc. The cost of the service is only $1/month for the phone number and 1.5 cents per lead messages in addition to the RealBird PRO subscription fees.

Once a texting code has been set up, it can be promoted via flyers, print advertising, classified ads, videos, etc. A consumer who texts the code to the agents’ number will instantly receive a response with the corresponding web page link in a shortened format.


  • Easy to use – it takes less than a minute to set up a new code
  • Versatile – any webpage can be used
  • Effective – can be used for narrow target marketing and agent always gets the lead phone number
  • Provides a competitive edge in listing presentations
  • Low cost - $1/month and 1.5 cents per lead (in addition to the RealBird PRO subscription fee)

The new SMS service is fully integrated with the RealBird PRO service and requires an easy one time setup that takes only a few minutes. Vanity, reusable codes are fully supported to minimize the agents’ costs for printing display panels. This SMS service can also access the agent’s mobile website which is included in the RealBird PRO service by texting “M” to the number, or simply dialing the phone number. The cost of the service is by far the most affordable in the real estate industry.

  • Example use cases for the custom RealBird SMS AnyLink™ service:
  • Preset home search for neighborhood via your IDX
  • Preset home search via some other search engines (e.g. Zillow, etc.)
  • Link to your own website
  • Link to your own blog
  • Link to your own listing inventory widgets
  • Sales, special offer or squeeze and landing pages
  • Recorded voice messages
  • Youtube real estate videos
  • Event, registration pages
  • Craigslist or other advertising posts
  • Open homes pages
  • Area homes sales statistics 

Zoltan Szendro, CTO and Executive VP of RealBird explains: “Text messaging is ubiquitous today and it has now become one of the many convenient ways that consumers can use to shop for real estate. Since our founding we have lead the way in empowering agents to use new technology for real estate. Consumers have fully embraced mobile technology for their real estate shopping and with this launch we have complemented the social media and mobile tools in the RealBird PRO service with a powerful yet low cost capability. We are excited to lead the way and to be able to turn our innovations into useful, easy to use and affordable tools for the real estate industry.”

“The new generation of consumers expect their agents to be on the cutting edge of technology and respond in real time when they request information” - says Jasmina Zivkovic, a REALTOR with in Ontario. “The half-life of an online lead is less than one hour, and this new texting service allows us to reply to common consumer requests instantly - which was impossible with traditional phones & paging systems. Plus, we'll never again lose a lead because RealBird sends us Caller IDs - unlike Website visitors or QR codes. This makes both our buyers & sellers happy! I would have never dreamed that an online marketing tool can be so low cost and yet so effective.”

The RealBird PRO service also includes: 

  • Property Search with listings sourced with Oodle (map based search, tabular search, blog sidebar widget and WordPress plugin – USA only)
  • Single Property Websites with syndication to the major portals and the ability to promote the agent’s brand, blog, property search, video, etc.. Agents can create unlimited sites and re-publish solds to achieve a cumulative SEO effect.
  • Tools for social media real estate marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist and more)
  • Mobile Media Website for all major smart phones with QR codes and SMS code.


About RealBird Inc.: 
RealBird ( is based in the Silicon Valley and was founded in 2003 to develop and provide technology services and products for real estate agents. These include listing and agent marketing and lead generation tools uniquely tailored to the needs of the residential and commercial real estate industry. The founders of RealBird were pioneers in introducing Internet and mobile marketing to the real estate industry.

RealBird has over 44,000 members. For additional information, visit

® RealBird is a registered trademark of RealBird Inc. SMS AnyLink is a trademark of RealBird, Inc.

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