Open House Syndication is Now Available for Your Listings on RealBird

Open-house-photo-1444676632488-26a136c45b9bYou asked for it and now we have it: We are now syndicating your open house dates together with your listing information to major real estate portals including Zillow, Trulia and many others. Just like before, simply enter your upcoming open house dates for your listings on RealBird and we'll take care of the rest.

For those of you who haven't used the open house option on RealBird yet, here is a quick overview:

  1. Login to RealBird
  2. Add your listing or locate the existing one on the listing management page
  3. Follow the "Open House Dates" link and under the "Add another open house date" section, enter a date, the start time and the end time and click the "Add" button
  4. Repeat Step 3 for as many dates as you wish to add

We hope you like this new addition. Happy marketing !

-- The RealBird Team

Create social media images from your listing photos for easy sharing

Pablo-Social-Media-SharingYour property photos on RealBird are now now also shareable social media images.

As a follow-up feature for the popular photo branding tool, you can now create social media shareables from your RealBird listing photos with a few clicks. We integrated the service called Pablo from Buffer within the RealBird member area. 

You can access this feature on the list of listings page and on the listing photo management page. Just click the "Create a social media listing photo" link, which will take you to the Pablo editor, which will be automatically pre-populated with your property picture.

From there on, you can create different sizes for different social media sites with custom overlays and download or share them right away. Pablo also offers you an optional browser extension for easy image sharing, but this is not required for theRealBird integration.

Pablo lists 10 fun ways to use the service on their blog


Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Easily embed your YouTube and Vimeo videos on your RealBird property website

You can now easily embed your YouTube and Vimeo property videos on your RealBird property websites by simple adding the video Url in the editor, under the Media section. 

RealBird then automatically creates the embed code for both your mobile and desktop single property websites. You can of course create a separate Video page just like before, but this new feature will place your primary property video at a prominent place  as well, above the listing photos on the main page.

Below are two examples. One using a YouTube video, the other a video hosted on Vimeo.

Lakewood, CO house listed by David Dlugasch and promoted by Jim Smith of Golden Real Estate

Irvine, CA rental listing by Robin and Eric Fenchel, Century 21 Award



Photo orientation automatically fixed for your listings

A rarely occurring software bug in the photo upload utility is now fixed. In specific cases, when property photos were taken with wrong orientation with certain cameras and downloaded to the computer with a certain software, the photos were shown sideway or upside down after being uploaded to RealBird.

This software bug affected only a very small portion of the millions of property pictures uploaded to RealBird, but it was an issue nevertheless. 

From now on, this problem is fixed and won't happen to any pictures even in the few special cases mentioned above.

Those of you who have been affected before: thank you for your patience.

For all practical purposes, go ahead and upload your property pictures for your listings just like before. Nothing has changed on the user interface and there are no additional steps introduced. All the correction to pictures happen automatically in the background.

-- The RealBird Team

Google's search update affects ranking based on mobile-friendliness. Your RealBird listings pass Google's test !

You may have heard of Google's upcoming update to its search algorithm which will affect ranking of sites based on their mobile-friendliness.

The good news is that your RealBird single property websites has been mobile-friendly for a long time and we do not expect any negative effects.

The screenshot below shows that the RealBird mobile single property website passes Google's own mobile-friendliness test. You can try it for your own RealBird listing as well.