Google +1, LinkedIn, Twitter and other sharing tools are now easier to use with RealBird

We just made it easier for you and your visitors to share your listing information on social networks.

Your RealBird single property websites, your Quick Share page and also the listing editor confirmation page now show a new, large social media sharing module. We have been supporting social network sharing for your listings for years, but this update introduces some accessibility improvements and also adds a large button with counters for the new Google +1 button and for LinkedIn as well.

Social Sharing Buttons

What is Google +1 ?

Google +1 is a brand new social plugin from Google. It is similar to the Facebook Like button you see on many websites ( including your RealBird listing sites). You or your visitors can "vote up" content found either on Google's search result or on 3rd party websites, e.g. your RealBird property websites. Google then uses this vote to highlight and rank search results differently for your network (searchers who you are connected to via Google services, Twitter etc.) 

To vote your properties up in Google's index, you can visit your own RealBird property website, scroll to the bottom and click the +1 button. It takes only a simple click. Or you can visit your QuickShare page (link is provided on the top of the listing management page in the RealBird member area) and click the +1 button for each of your listings. Finally, when you add a new listing in RealBird, the confirmation page will also have the same set of sharing buttons so you can simple click on it as soon as the property is posted. 

Here is an example of how the RealBird listing is presented for your network in Google's search result, once it is voted up by you. In this case, RealBird's Google account voted up a listing and is shown for me as such:

Google +1

How to enable the Facebook Like button ?

Similar to Google +1, the Facebook Like button enables you and your visitors to easily share your listings with their Facebook network with only a single click. In order to enable this feature, you will have to connect your Facebook account to RealBird. This is a standard and secure process, just click on the Facebook Login button in the member area and click Allow on the permission popup page. We do not see your Facebook login info, it's absolutely secure to connect to RealBird.  We require this extra step, because unlike other simple implementations, we support the full Facebook Open Graph and we need to designate you as the admin of the Facebook Listing Page that is created for each of your listings. This is a very powerful feature, but also really easy to set up. A more detailed explanation can be found on this post of ours from a year ago: Don't Forget to Like Yourself - Facebook Listing Pages with RealBird

How to best utilize the LinkedIn button ?

A new addition to the social sharing module is the large LinkedIn button. Some of the features that we really like about this tool are:

  1. Just like Facebook, the LinkedIn module automatically picks up your primary photos and page title so your shares are visually engaging, which can result in higher click-through rates and subsequent share
  2. On the LinkedIn sharing popup, you can also post the RealBird listing website to LinkedIn Groups, including the RealBird Group on LinkedIn
  3. You can also use the LinkedIn tool to share via emails

If you are an active LinkedIn users, we suggest to set up a few geo-targeted real estate LinkedIn groups and start sharing local real estate related info including your RealBird property websites there as well.

The screenshot below shows these options:


To sum it up: You can now quickly access the new sharing module via A) Your RealBird single property website B) Your QuickShare page C) The new listing add/edit confirmation page.

We hope this new feature will make your social media marketing with RealBird much easier...

Enjoy !


  -- Zoltan - Custom apparel with your own QR code

Based on the good reception of the RealBird QR features, we launched a new website over the weekend at for creating, sharing and buying custom apparels showing your own messages encoded as QR codes. 

This is RealBird pet project and the application is not real estate specific. Any messages, websites and even links to YouTube videos can be turned into a QR code and printed on t-shirts and other apparel.

Screen shot 2010-11-08 at 11.20.47 AM

How to use the site:

  • Visit
  • Enter whatever message your heart desires to share: a poem, a link to your website, a YouTube link, anything. 
  • Click the "Create Your QR apparel" button
  • The page will reload, the QR code is generated and a preview is shown. You can now click the "Select Apparel Type" button that will lead you to with the pre-configured shopping cart. Your QR code is automatically added to the design. 
  • You can select among 60 different types of apparels: gents, ladies, kids and different styles, sizes and colors. All of them will retain the generated QR code that holds your "secret" message.
  • If you are not ready to purchase or you are just playing with the service, you can still share your creations with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers. Below is a screenshot with an arrow showing the built in sharing tools for your creations.


Enjoy. And of course, if you like the service, please share it with your friends with the Facebook and Twitter button on the homepage.

Thanks !

Disclaimer: We are a reseller affiliate of and upon your purchase of the QR apparels, we are paid an affiliate fee. Fulfillment, billing and returns are processed by according to their own terms listed on their website.

-- Zoltan



Facebook Page Real Estate application updated

Facebook will roll out an update for the Facebook Page layouts on August 23. "Boxes" will be eliminated and the custom tabs content area will be reduced to 520px wide. In fact, we already saw these changes on our own RealBird Facebook Page so we decided to not wait until the last minute:

The RealBird Facebook Page Real Estate application is now updated to provide the photowall FBML code optimized for the 520px width. 

Facebook Page Real Estate RealBird Application

If you have been using this RealBird feature already, you can just overwrite the existing FBML code with the new one or add it fresh from the RealBird member area (Widgets>Lisitng Widgets). 

To learn about this feature and other ways to utilize the RealBird platform, please 
join us at the next RealBird Webinar on August 18, from 9 AM to 10 AM (Pacific Time)

Facebook real estate marketing with RealBird

We have more and more options for Facebook real estate marketing with RealBird so we thought a summary post is due, one that explains them all in one post with links to details tutorials. So here we go:

There are two main categories:

  1. Marketing individual listings
  2. Marketing your inventory

Marketing individual listings on Facebook

1) Create a Facebook Listing Page with the Facebook Like button

This is a brand new and very powerful option. With only a few clicks, you can setup a standalone Facebook Page dedicated to your individual listing. You can then post status updates on your Facebook Listing Page. E.g. price changes, new photos, sales events etc. All these updates are automatically syndicated to your Fans News Feed. See below Mike Conner's RealBird listing website (house is already sold :) that uses the Facebook Like button. He even announced via this channel when the property was sold and I - as a fan of this Facebook Listing Page - learned about it via my own Facebook News Feed. Make sure you invite your sellers to "Like" their own Facebook Listing Page.

Facebook Like button on the RealBird property website

Facebook Listing Page

Related tutorial:

2) Share your RealBird single property website as link on your Facebook Page

We optimized your RealBird property website in a way that when you copy the link into the status update field of your Facebook Page, Facebook picks up your primary photo automatically. Shared links with photos are more likely to be clicked on than the ones without. Just copy and paste your property website link from the browser's address bar into the status update box of your Facebook Fan Page.

The example shows a typical such post. We shared the first Puerto Rico listing on RealBird via our own RealBird Facebook Page. In you case, it will be your own listing with your own Facebook name and picture of course.

Facebook Page real estate marketing

You can also use  our and Posterous integration to automate this process, but even without that, it only takes a few seconds per listing to achieve this.

Marketing your property inventory on Facebook

1) Facebook Page Homes for Sale tab

Use this option to add your RealBird photowall widget of your listing inventory to your Facebook Fan Pageunder its own tab. This requires a one-time setup which takes only a few minutes and then the widget will be automatically updated on Facebook every time you post a new listing on RealBird. Click the image below to see it in action - courtesy of Mike Conner

Related tutorial: How to add your Homes for Sale tab to your Facebook Fan Page

Olympia Homes

2) Facebook Profile Homes for Sale tab

Similar to the previous option, you can add the photowall widget to your Facebook Profile page as well. Example courtesy of Eric Slifkin

Facebook Profile RealBird listings

Related tutorial: How to add your Homes for Sale tab to your Facebook Profile

Bonus feature: Add your Facebook Page to your RealBird single property website

This option is a marketing channel with the opposite direction. Use your syndicated single property website to capture new fans for your Facebook Page. Simply add the Facebook Like Box to your RealBird listing website. Listing courtesy of Cheryl Ritchie

Facebook Page on RealBird

See the related tutorial: Adding your Facebook Page to your property website

In short, all you have to do is to post your listing on RealBird once and either via a quick one-time setup or only a few clicks per listing, you can market your listings to Facebook. It was designed to be as quick and easy as possible. We hope you find this post helpful in understanding the many options and benefits you have with RealBird for your Facebook real estate marketing.

We will have a free Webinar workshop on July 13 and we'll walk you through the steps of each options. You can register to the webinar at 9 AM (Pacific time) here or also to the webinar at 2 PM (Pacific time) here

-- Zoltan

Facebook Listing Pages - Open Graph and RealBird integration

We just released the Facebook Open Graph integration with RealBird. This new feature enables you to create a Facebook Listing Page from your RealBird single property website and use it as a social media notification platform. When you have an open house to announce, just add it to this page and all the people on Facebook who liked your property will get notified instantly via their News Feed. Pretty neat, isn't it? You can use it for posting many different kind of updates and attach video, photos and links, just like with any other Facebook Page status updates.

Below are the simple steps you have to do to enable this feature on your RealBird account and to create a Facebook Listing Page for your listing. It takes literally less then a minute to set it up and then a second to create a Facebook Listing Page. 

  1. Login to RealBird or register here for free (free for up to 3 listings and only $99/year for more). 
  2. Connect your Facebook account with RealBird (takes only 5 seconds)
  3. Visit your own RealBird single property websites and click "Like" (takes 1 second)
  4. An "Admin Page" link will appear next to the Like widget at the footer area of your RealBird website, above the translation tools. Clicking that will take you to the automatically created Facebook Listing Page. It is also auto-populated with your main property photo, listing info and link to your property website on RealBird

Here are some screenshots showing the simple steps:




Listing courtesy of Mike Conner of City Realty inc in Olympia, WA


More details on why we think this is a big step in social media marketing can be found on our ActiveRain blog

-- Zoltan