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Using the RealBird branded property photo in a Craigslist ad

To follow up with our previous posts about the new RealBird branded listing photos tool, please see below an example of it combined with the RealBird SMS platform in a Craigslist ad.

Rare land with lots of potential in the heart of technology and luxury

The link of the Craigslist ad will expire eventually, but until then, you can view it online as well. 

Do you have an example of your usage of these RealBird services that we could share with others? 


Listing Photo Branding Tool. Automated, Simple and Powerful.

We are very happy with the overwhelmingly positive feedback that we've received on this new RealBird feature since the launch two days ago:

With the RealBird Photo Branding Tool you can download private-labeled photos of your listings with a single click. Here is the feature overview:

  1. Show your photo, contact information and call for action message overlaid on photos
  2. Brand active, pending and sold listings on RealBird
  3. Brand all the photos of every listing
  4. Both general call-for-action message and one integrated with the RealBird SMS platform are available
  5. Use the branded photos in email newsletters, blog posts, Craigslist ad, in Facebook posts and Facebook ads, on Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media where you want your call-for-action and brand presented together with your property photo

You can access your branded photos from the RealBird member area on the list of listings page and also on the listing photo upload page. For RealBird PRO Autopilot users, the photos of the imported listings are also automatically branded. 

Below are a few examples, courtesy of Rona Arjomand of San Carlos, CA and Katherine Figueroa of Puerto Rico



We hope you like the new RealBird Photo Branding Tool !

-- The RealBird Team


Photo orientation automatically fixed for your listings

A rarely occurring software bug in the photo upload utility is now fixed. In specific cases, when property photos were taken with wrong orientation with certain cameras and downloaded to the computer with a certain software, the photos were shown sideway or upside down after being uploaded to RealBird.

This software bug affected only a very small portion of the millions of property pictures uploaded to RealBird, but it was an issue nevertheless. 

From now on, this problem is fixed and won't happen to any pictures even in the few special cases mentioned above.

Those of you who have been affected before: thank you for your patience.

For all practical purposes, go ahead and upload your property pictures for your listings just like before. Nothing has changed on the user interface and there are no additional steps introduced. All the correction to pictures happen automatically in the background.

-- The RealBird Team