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RealBird is now available in the United Kingdom


We are very pleased to announce that the RealBird real estate marketing platform is now available for real estate agents in the United Kingdom. While the RealBird Property Search has been supporting UK search widgets for a while, with this new release, UK based agents can use the Listing Publisher to market their own listings as well. 

Below is the list of the unique features of RealBird PRO for the UK:

  • Unlimited single property websites and virtual tours for your listings 
  • Single property website widgets for your blog and website
  • Listing inventory widgets for your blog and website
  • Listing syndication (currently UK listings are only syndicated to Oodle,
    but more destinations will be added ongoing)
  • Auto-generated QR codes and mobile property websites
  • Exceptional search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social media listing marketing tools
  • Custom Facebook Real Estate Page tabs
  • Facebook Listing Pages
  • Property search widgets including map-based property search 
  • Private labeled mobile real estate website with your own city domain name and QR code
  • Browser toolbar for your buyers including the unique cross-site property inquiry tool

With this new release, RealBird PRO now provides coverage for the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. We'll post some UK examples later as they appear in our system.

Stay tuned for the upcoming feature releases including a brand new and highly social single property website platform.



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