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Mobile real estate websites for smartphones and tablets launched

We are very pleased to announce that the first version of the RealBird Mobile Website is now available for RealBird PRO members. 

RealBird Mobile Real Estate Website

Features and compatibility

  • The RealBird Mobile Websites are optimized for smartphones and tablets that support HTML5 and CSS3 
  • Branded for you
  • Your own vanity web address
  • Shows all your RealBird listings
  • Single QR code for your mobile website
  • Shows your photo profile with link to your outside website, blog.
    Your clients can call you simply by tapping on your phone number
  • Your recent blog posts are automatically showed under the "Real Estate News" section
  • Built-in inquiry tool for your visitors to schedule showing and request more information on any of your properties

Below are the platforms that the RealBird Mobile Real Estate website is compatible with


How does it work?

The RealBird Mobile Website is available for RealBird PRO members. Existing PRO members can log in and reserve the city domain name by following the onscreen instructions. It takes less then a minute and your mobile site is up and running. The QR code is automatically generated for that Url and is ready to be used.

For new RealBird members the steps are easy as well:

  1. Register / Login at
  2. Upgrade to PRO - upgrades are instant via PayPal or call us for alternate payment method
  3. Visit the Mobile Site tab on the top blue navigation bar 
  4. Create your Mobile Real Estate Site instantly by reserving your domain name. Just enter your subdomain in the textbox, hit submit and if the vanity Url is still avaiable, it will be reserved for you instantly
  5. Head over to the Listing Management section and start adding your current, active for-sale and for-rent listings. It takes only a few minutes per listings to create stunning listing presentations with syndication, single property websites, Facebook Listing Pages, social media sharing and now with mobile real estate marketing. 

Well, we hope you like it. Domain names are first come, first served, so head over to RealBird, log in and follow the on-screen instruction to get started. It only takes a simple form submission to reserve your domain name and your mobile real estate website will be created instantly. 

-- The RealBird Team


The new RealBird featured property slideshow widget is now available

We just launched a new sidebar widget for your featured properties marketed via the RealBird Listing Publisher.

Like the Featured Listing Map or the Photowall widget, this new module is an inventory widget too. It shows all of your own properties in a compact and impressive slideshow format.

See a few examples below:

The first one shows Janie Coffey's properties on RealBird with the default effect. You can see it live on her The Coral Gables real estate blog (right sidebar, mid-page)

The second examples shows Katerina Gasset's properties on RealBird. For this example, we selected a different effect, called shuffle. You can see it live on Katerina's Wellington, FL real estate blog (right sidebar, mid-page)

The third example shows Andrea Swiedler's properties on RealBird. For this example, we selected another effect type, called blindX. Color theme is also customized. Live example is on her New Milford, CT real estate blog

How to generate and customize your own RealBird property widget

You can get the default iframe code in the RealBird member area: RealBird Dashboard > Widgets > Slideshow and copy and paste the iframe code from there. There are many customization options. Just add one or more of the parameters described below to the end of the Url in the default iframe code. 

Changing the effect used for the slideshow

  • &rb_e=[value] - replace [value] one of the effect types from below
  • &rb_sp=[value] - the speed of the transition of the effect. Replace [value] with the number of miliseconds. E.g. &rb_sp=500 for half second
  • &rb_to=[value] -  the wait period of a slide before the next one is shown. Replace [value] with a number of milisecond. E.g. &rb=5000 will wait for 5 seconds before the next slide is shown

List of possible effect types (use it case sensitive)

  • blindX
  • blindY
  • blindZ
  • cover
  • curtainX
  • curtainY
  • fade
  • fadeZoom
  • growX
  • growY
  • none
  • scrollUp
  • scrollDown
  • scrollLeft
  • scrollRight
  • scrollHorz
  • scrollVert
  • shuffle
  • slideX
  • slideY
  • toss
  • turnUp
  • turnDown
  • turnLeft
  • turnRight
  • uncover
  • wipe
  • zoom

Changing colors

  • &rb_bg=[value] - background color, use the RGB hex value. E.g. &rb_bg=FF0000 would change the background to red
  • &rb_fg=[value] - foreground color, use the RGB hex value. E.g. &rb_fg=FF0000 would change the anchor link color to red
  • &rb_bc=[value] - the border color, use the RGB hex value. E.g. &rb_bc=FF0000 would change the anchor link color to red
  • &rb_ac=[value] - link color, use the RGB hex value. E.g. &rb_ac=FF0000 would change the anchor link color to red
  • &rb_ahc=[value] - anchor link hover color, use the RGB hex value. E.g. &rb_ahc=FF0000 would change the anchor link color to red

Should you need help with this new widget please let us know.


--The RealBird Team