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January 29, 2011


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Kim Hannemann

Gabe, Zoltan & Co - many thanks for your efforts. I certainly hope you can find a new great listings data source for RB, and I know we all will be rooting for you.

IDX providers can be very expensive.


Was never concerned about the listing publisher. It's the property search that worries me. I hope you are able to find a viable alternative soon. Google Base going away is a big deal.


Thanks for the update. In my area the Google Base results have not been in the 90% accuracy range and thus, I welcome a superior replacement.

I am deploying the RealBird map search more and more so, any assistance with the transition (if necessary) is greatly welcome!


Kim - Thanks for the support. We are working around the clock to beat the clock :)

James - I agree. It's a big deal on many levels. I know you and most of the members understood the distinction between the Listing Publisher and the Property Search but in the last few days we received so many emails asking for clarification that we wanted to spell it out.

John - We were "betting" on Google getting better and better as adaptation and acceptance grew, both vertically (data accuracy) and horizontally (coverage). Well, they decided otherwise. We are of course considering the ease of transition as a factor while working toward a new data source. We'll post more details as soon as we know the details

Thank you very much for reading and commenting !

Douglas Martindale

I can honestly say from a rental listing service, Realbird is second to none. The irony of the statement from Google is that was basically received the same day that I officially completed my rental company website that was designed around your product (MLS IDX services are useless for me)!! Hundreds of hours later, I'm eager and excited to see what you come up with.

I wonder if some of the data feed providers could just start sourcing their info to you rather than google as the "middleman".

Based on the innovation I found at Realbird, I'm optimistic you will be able to overcome this in time.



Douglas - So sorry to hear that the timing was so bad for you. Believe me, we were not happy with Google's sudden announcement either ! We spent two years on R&D and marketing this service with many happy users. That's the bad news.

The GOOD news is that we are already working on the replacement data source. It's a parallel business development/R&D task and we can not disclose details until we are sure that we can actually deliver (both at the business and at the technical level), but we are very optimistic. We will let everybody know the details just as soon as we can.

Thanks for your patience,

-- Zoltan

Eric Israel

Your product has been excellent from day 1. I am certain you will find a work around to this. http://TheFutureofRealEstateToday.com

Marco Gonzales

Let me know your Base alternative as soon as you can. I was really counting on GB for my solution and sunk many hours developing for this 'free' solution.
Now it will soon be gone, and I still have not found a suitable replacement :(


Marco - The Oodle solution is robust now and provides comparable data coverage to Google's. Did you try the RealBird Property Search with Oodle data?

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